10 Toddler Approved Chores

Ok, I’m no expert but it seems that toddler are ALWAYS trying to help.  Am I right?  They want to help vacuum by chasing after the vacuum, help talk on the phone by stealing if from your hands, help type by banging on the keyboard, and help fold laundry by re-folding your shirts.

So why discourage those oh so helpful habits?  (hint of sarcasm there).  But in all seriousness, all they want to do is do the same things that they see mommy and daddy doing.  Instead of becoming annoyed and frustrated with their curiosity, have them join in on the fun!

Because I am usually in no rush at home (except in the moments before I leave to go somewhere), I have been trying very hard to involve baby boy (who is 15 months now), in some of the chores.  Sure it takes me longer to get it done, BUT it gives him self satisfaction, and maybe…hopefully…it will get him in the habit of helping out around the house (which might just save your sanity in the long run).

chores for toddlers

 10 Chores a 15 Month Old Can Do

  1. Closing the dishwasher door.  Baby boy l-o-v-e-s to do this.  Sometimes it is before we get anything out, but oh well.
  2. Taking the clean silverware out.  Obviously I clear the area of sharp knives, and baby boy stands and takes out one at a time and hands them to me to be put in the drawer.  A good hand washing is recommended before because each and every single piece is touched.
  3. Draining the bathtub.  Again, after his bath (or occasionally during…) his favorite thing is to pull the plug.  Just encourage it when you’re done with bath time.
  4. Putting the sippy cups on the drying rack.  I can get a good 5-7 minutes out of baby boy trying to put the lids on the sippy cups and stacking them on the drying rack.  Usually enough time to empty the dishwasher before he wants to do #1.
  5. Pushing the laundry basket full of clothes.  It kinda looks like hard work, but hey, he does it!
  6. Filling up the dryer.  It’s a routine now.  He stands by the dryer and I hand him one piece at a time from the washer and he puts it in to be dried.  Secretly I think he just wants to play with the blue dryer balls.
  7. Closing the refrigerator door.  Yep, it’s an obsession.
  8. Putting toys away.  He slowly is getting the idea of putting toys away and what “clean up” means.  He especially understand this if he knows that food is coming next!
  9. Picking up dropped food.  Baby boy has been into throwing some food overboard while in his high chair lately.  So afterwards we get down on the ground and he actually picks it up and puts it in my hand…not sure if this is motivation for throwing the food in the first place??
  10. Wiping the highchair tray.  This is a work in progress, as his definition of wiping the tray is to throw the wipe on the ground.  We’re working on it!

What chores does your little one help you with?

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2 comments to 10 Toddler Approved Chores

  • This is great. My 13 month old will help me clean her high chair tray if I give her a wipe. Sometimes she’ll help wipe her face.
    My 22 month old step daughter loves helping my with the laundry.

  • Diane

    L & J like to wash and dry the table before dinner and they actually do a pretty decent job! L also likes to take a cloth and go around and wipe all the foods spots off my cupboards and J likes to take the Swiffer duster and dust furniture. It’s great to get your little guy started young because in a couple years from now when he tries to help he will actually be pretty helpful! :)

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