18 P-buddy-isms for 18 Months

A year and a half.  Crazy!  My baby boy, who’s bloggy name is now P-buddy, is a full fledged toddler who is now 18 months old.  Seriously, where does the time go?  I still remember just like it was yesterday holding him in my arms for the first time and watching his nostrils flare in and out.  Weird what you remember from that day huh?

In honor of his 18 month birthday, I am going to share 18 things that he does that are so P-buddy style (have I mentioned he has a big personality?).

turning 18 months old

18 P-buddy-isms for 18 months

  1. Often the first thing I hear as he is waking up on the monitor is “Woof, woof, neigh, roar!”.
  2. When asked to jump he: squats down, pops up (without his feet leaving the floor), and nods.  Looks like a good jump to  me.
  3. He says “peees” whenever he wants something.  Sometimes it has some force behind it.
  4. Ice in his water makes it so exciting and worthy to drink again.
  5. When I sing Rock-a-Bye Baby before night time, he does raspberries when I get to the word “blows”.
  6. His most favorite food ever is banana’s.  So much so that I often have to hide them so that he doesn’t want them all the time.  We have to keep things flowing in the poop department…
  7. If you ask him, his animal magents in his playroom are the best invention ever.
  8. P-buddy gets very jealous if I hold a baby…were we actually thinking of having a 2nd child???
  9. When I go the bathroom he now says “bottom”.  Lovely.
  10. Getting his face wiped off after a meal is the worst. thing. ever.
  11. When asked what we did today or if he had fun he answers “ledel ledel ledel ledel.”  Sure!
  12. During meals he now has to touch each food and name it or give it some random name.  He then wants us to do the same thing.
  13. Meijer is “meyner”.  I think we go there too often!
  14. You know you are “in” with P-buddy when he hands you his treasured basketball.
  15. His blanket that he carries around when he is sleepy is really his sleep sack.  Go figure!
  16. We often have to go through the names of our family members.  His line up is as follows: “Mama, Dada, baby”.
  17. He points and calls 10 year olds “babeee”.
  18. Eskimo kisses are one of his favorite cute moments (smile).
turning 18 months old
turning 18 months old

 Aren’t 18 month old’s so fun?!?!

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