Top 10 Things I Do During Nap Time

Every mom’s guilty pleasure is nap time (not our nap time…but babies nap time). By guilty pleasure I mean that we love it, but we always feel slightly guilty that we like it TOO much. At least I feel guilty about that. With all that said I still love nap time!

Top 10

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Easy Meals for Mommy (& Daddy!)

Babies take up a lot of time huh? This is not new information, but can still be surprising to the unsuspecting couple I have a wonderful friend who is starting out on her blogging adventure just like I am. She is compiling fun, easy recipes for others to try. It is great

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Relaxing: Before & After

Stream of Consciousness Sunday….five minutes…no proofing….no re-reading….let’s go.

The prompt today is how do we relax? That’s kinda comical as a new mom to an almost 6 month old. RelaxaWHAT??? Here is my little list of how I relaxed before the baby (BB) and how I relaxed after the baby (AB).


Two hour

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Peas Try #1 – Ehhh


Only one more week until my little guy is 6 months old…crazy stuff. The first few months went by really slllloooowwwllllyyyy, but now we have hit warp speed. I am trying, trying, trying, to savor every moment while he is still itty bitty.

Ok, sappy time complete…on to business. We

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Baby Food Storage Tray


I cook. I’m not a HUGE fan of it, but I do it. Why not cook more? I decided to try and make baby food for my son. A couple friends of mine tried it and they had success, so why not, right? Read here about my first attempt: squash!


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Orange you Glad?

orange color

Just a random musing this morning… husband and I have discovered that our son really likes the color orange. If he has a bib on that is orange he likes to stare down at it in wonderment and play with it in his fingers a little longer. If I have an orange

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Top 10: Swaddle Love


I am just going to come out and say it…here goes…..My Baby is a Good Sleeper. Yikes. I don’t like saying it out loud for fear of jinxing it and he will immediately start to scream and wake early from his nap. I am looking at the monitor. Still sleeping…whew!

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Baby boy and I have been trucking along eating rice cereal two times each day. He is 5.5 months and is downing about 1 oz. (2 tablespoons) of rice cereal 2x per day. Click here to read about a few tricks. I didn’t want to increase it too much too soon for fear that

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Donut Days

I am joining a blog carnival today. No clowns at this carnival though, just great minds blogging about what is on those minds. Stream of Consiousness Sunday’s task is to write for 5 minutes with no stopping, no proofing etc. Today’s prompt is how we spent our Sundays growing up. Here goes:

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Play Time Christmas Style

Christmas lights

A few days ago I was growing tired of my our “play’ routine. Same ol’ thing you know? So we got out some socks and threw them around…and…had fun! Today I decided to get out some old Christmas lights. Around Christmas time baby boy was very interested in light displays and would

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