Things I Learned at the Salon

Taking a baby to the salon

Never before have I relied on my husband’s work schedule as much as I do now. You know how it is with a baby…that cute dress that’s on sale at the mall 45 min. away has to wait until the hubby is home. The relaxing dinner with friends at the new restaurant has to

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Homemade Baby Food VS. Store Bought

Homemade baby food vs. store bought

Hi friends (real & bloggy!). Now that we are way into feeding solids to our little guy, and he is demanding more and more (usually without saying please. haha), I thought it would be a good time to compare the pros and cons of making your own baby food vs. buying it at the store.

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Top 10: Easter Baskets for the Little Bunnies

making easter baskets for babies

You know the drill: the first year of your first child, you have to celebrate ALL the firsts. First St. Patrick’s Day, first Valentine’s day…and so on and so on. So here we are approaching our son’s first Easter. I wanted to get a really special basket personalized with his name on it and everything,

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making apple baby food

Drum-roll please……brmmm brmmm (how do you spell a drum roll?)…..brmmmmm….presenting baby boy’s first taste of fruit!!!! Yeah, maybe that is a little too much hype? Anyways, we are taking a break from introducing new veggies to try our hand at fruits.

First up: Apples! As I mentioned in our Barley Cereal post, baby boy has

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Easter Grass Isn’t Just for Baskets

playing with easter grass

Babies are crazy absorbent sponges. We marvel every day in what our little guy is learning. And it’s all through fun play right now…how much better does it get? I have been trying to appeal to his 5 senses, because, well, that’s mostly what babies have going for them! They learn everything through one of

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5 Cloth Diaper Must Have’s

tools for using cloth diapers

Cloth diapers is all about the cool tools! Seriously, I love organizing things and I will often take up a hobby/collection, just so that I can organize it! So of course, I am weak when it comes to cool gadgets and tools. So how lucky was I when we started cloth diapering that there were

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Barley Cereal

Barley cereal for babies

Hello 7.5 months how are you? I am doing well, but a little baffled on how you snuck up on us so quickly! I was just getting used to 4 months. Seriously, where does time go when you have a baby?

Well, here we are almost 8 months and loving solid food! If you haven’t

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Top 10: Play Time With Baby

Playtime ideas for babies under 12 months

Do you ever wonder if babies get bored of all their little toys? Really…we seem to throw the same old toys in front of our little one, and he plays with them like a good little boy, but I wonder if he is swearing at us in his head…”These (fill in the blank) toys again?!?!?”

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Guest Posting Today!

Whew! This has been an exciting weekend for me and my corner of the blogging world! In case you missed it, on Sunday I was the featured blogger over at More Than Mommies for their first installment of The Sunday Sip. AND today I am doing a guest post about making baby food for my

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Spoon Fed Baby is Featured!

self photo small

The bloggy world is all about spreading and sharing the love! I have lots of love headed my way today from More Than Mommies! They are beginning a series on their blog that they call The Sunday Sip, and I am so lucky to be their first feature! Each Sunday they will write

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