Making Mommy April Challenge: Update!


ABS EVERY DAY??? That was my challenge that I decided to do for myself in my first installment of Making Mommy Monthly Series. This challenge was motivated in part by my Secrets of a Post Baby Body post. In case you missed it here are the past posts for April’s challenge:

Series Index Making Mommy

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Top 10: Highlights From Baby Boy’s Baptism


If you read my green bean post from yesterday I mentioned that it has been a LOADED weekend to say the least. My hubby’s brother got married and we both stood up in the wedding. Baby boy was at home with his Aunt and Uncle, and Mommy and Daddy let loose (a little TOO loose!

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Green Beans

frozen green beans for baby food

Holy Moly! This weekend has been crazy crazy busy! My husband and I were both in my brother-in-law’s wedding on Saturday and then our baby boy was baptised on Sunday. I have determined that preparing for any event takes twice as long with a little guy around than before. We made it though and both

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Making Mommy Series: Guest Post – Posture Tips

Welcome Jami from LOVAstyle back this week as part of my Making Mommy April Challenge to talk about posture exercises after having a baby. Here is a run down of all the posts in this series!

Series Index Making Mommy April Challenge: Abs Every Day Making Mommy – Guest Post: Regaining Your Pre Baby Body

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Ultimate Blog Party 2012


UBP! UBP! UBP! Is anyone else chanting with me? No, just me…oops!

HI! This is my first Ultimate Blog Party, and I’m excited! I wasn’t sure what to expect at first or where to start, so I just dove right in. Thanks for stopping over here at Spoon Fed Baby…new visitors make

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In’s and Out’s of Making Baby Food

making homemade baby food

I was asked to guest post over at Premeditated Leftovers (you can read it here), and I loved it! I wanted to share it here as a good “Start Here” when thinking of making your own baby food. Enjoy!

When my husband Jason and I found out we were pregnant in December 2010 (a day

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Breast Feeding VS. Formula

breast feeding versus

Laundry is in the washer, baby boy is napping, PJ’s are still on, the Today show is on in the background…time to BLOG! Today’s blog post comes to you in the form of Versus! Versus is a blog series in which I tackle the decisions that every family has to make some where along the

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Sanity for Stay at Home Moms

sanity for stay at home moms

*Disclaimer: I love my husband, I love my son, I love my house, I love my life. What you are about to read and witness holds no bearing on how much I love the above people/things. OK…carry on!

I am 8 months into the staying at home mom thing, and Yes I LOVE IT! I

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making homemade baby food peaches

Can I just take a moment to say that I love making my little guy baby food? There is something rewarding about knowing that I made what is going into his mouth! It’s not for everyone…no biggie! I just really enjoy it. Oh, and hey, I blogged about the pros and cons of making baby

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First Easter Celebration

Short and sweet today (smile). This Sunday is Easter. Since August 4th, last year my husband and I have been blessed beyond what we could imagine with our little boy. He is happy, healthy, and full of life. He brings so much new meaning to our lives that is hard to describe. I get teary

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