Signs of Summer

Splishing and splashing

Whoa! It’s been HOT around these parts! And by “these parts” I mean Michigan. To beat the heat we bought a nifty infant pool for baby boy. It’s our first child, so yes this is exciting for us! Here are a few pictures to help you stay cool as the heat begins.

"Oh hi!"

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5 Sense Memories

Have you ever been somewhere, minding your own business, and out of no where you smell a faint smell, hear a certain sound, or see something familiar, and BAM you are taken to another place? Something so small can jog a memory and bring it back to life in an instant. This happens

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chicken for babies

My baby is no longer a vegetarian…boo hoo! Really I am not sure why I am sad because my husband and I are not vegetarians…but something about it means he’s growing up I guess? My pediatrician recommended waiting until 9 months to introduce meats to baby boy. But I have to say it…check with your

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Making Mommy May Challenge: Wrap Up!

healthy night time snacks

Goodbye to May, and goodbye to a few extra pounds! Woo Hoo! I am nearing my pre-pregnancy weight slowly but surely. It’s harder than I thought, and takes more will power. Ugh. But I’m getting there! This month I challenged myself to let go of my nightly snacking habits and try a few fruits and

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Introducing the Sippy Cup

tips for introducing the sippy cup

You know your baby is growing up when the word “Sippy Cup” is a part of your day. Yikes.

Ahhh the Sippy Cup….when to start, what to put in it, what kind of cup…so many questions! I am breast feeding my son, so he only gets a bottle if I am away from him for

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Infant Car Seat VS. Convertible Car Seat

infant car seat versus convertible car seat

I remember the very first time I stepped into a Babies R’ Us as a pregnant lady I was completely overwhelmed. Buying for other people was a piece of cake, but for my baby? Yikes! We went before we registered for items just to look at car seats…oh me oh my. The choices are endless

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Ultimate Blog Swap

Today I’m participating in the Ultimate Blog Swap. You’ll find me posting over at Little Orso about capturing your child’s first year of life through photography, and I’m excited to welcome Sherri from Clara’s Closet to Spoon Fed Baby:

With all the busyness that comes with caring for an infant, keeping track of the events

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pastina for baby food

During my pregnancy I ate pasta like it was going to be wiped off the face of the Earth. Seriously, I loved it before I got preggo, but afterwards, it was like I was having an affair with it. Yum. When the time came to introduce some pasta to baby boy, I could not have

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Noodle Play

sensory play with noodles

Baby boy LOVES to slowly slide his hand across objects…a few popular ones are: his high chair tray, stuffed animals, my shirt, the tile floor, or really anything else that feels good. Because he likes those different textures, I have been trying to find play time sensory activities that would let him explore new textures.

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Best Buys for Bedtime


Bedtime is one of the great mysteries of childhood. Sleep schedules? Sleep training? Huh?? We have been fortunate (knock on wood) to have a little one who is such a good sleeper. The first 9.5 months have been smooth sailing, so we will see what happens from here, but so far so good!

In the

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