Zucchini Baby Food

zucchini baby food

Baby boy is growing up, but I am loving this age when it comes to food! Well, and that he is just so funny, animated, and cute, but you already know that! But as far as food goes, I am able to really get into new and interesting foods with baby boy. The more foods

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Swaddle VS. No Swaddle

swaddling a baby

Before our little peanut came along, swaddling was a word that probably never passed our lips, BUT after having baby boy, swaddling became one of the most important words spoken those first few months. Swaddling seems like a new thing on the baby scene but in reality many cultures have been swaddling their child for

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Co-Hosting a Link Up!

Hi bloggy readers! I am very excited today because I get to co-host a link up party with Mar over at Raising Bean! If you haven’t figured it out yet, my blog is pretty much about my life with a baby. I have committed myself to trying new play ideas and activities with baby boy…some

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Finger Food Ideas

finger food recipes

With baby boy turning 1 very very soon (yes, I’m emotional), we are knee deep in finger foods! I have slowly been making the switch from all spoon feeding to mostly finger foods. I still do spoon feed him usually during dinner time when I mix up a meal, or when serving oatmeal, yogurt, prunes,

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Couscous Baby Food

couscous baby food

When it comes to culinary things I wouldn’t categorize myself as “worldly”. I am pretty much your run of the mill pasta, meat, and potato kinda girl. I do think that I am able to cook a good variety of foods for my hubby and I, but I am not one that searches out the

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Water Sensory Bottles

water sensory bottles for babies

A while back (as in, oh, maybe 5 months??) I made my little guy sensory bottles with random confetti, ribbon, shiny stuff, etc….they were a hit! He loved shaking them and staring at the shiny insides. Lately baby boy has shown an interest in water bottles. When the hubby or I have one in our

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Using a Magic Bullet to Make Baby Food

Magic Bullet for making baby food

Making homemade baby food seemed daunting at the beginning, but once I got into the flow of it…super easy! Especially with the right tools…a girl needs her tools, right?!? Just too bad they aren’t pink or purple (like my mixer!)….

When I began making my son’s food I invested in a Beaba Babycook Baby Food

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Memories Captured: Bright Spot


My little baby, my first born, my lovey dovey boy, is going to be ONE year old in a few short weeks. I type this with tears in my eyes, not because I am sad, but because I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. I now get what all those other Mom’s have been saying for years

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10 Ways Friend Get-Togethers Have Changed

get togethers with babies

My husband and I have a great group of friends surrounding us. We all go back a whopping 10 years to our college days and are even better friends now than back then. There is consistently 3-4 couples that we get together with every month or so. We are spread throughout MI and OH, so

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Summer Baby Loves

Ok, hot weather…I’ve had enough! Whew…this is why I don’t live in FL, but for some reason we are still getting the heat wave up here in MI! I will take a nice cool 80 degrees right about now please. Baby boy and I have been trying to keep cool during these hot summer days,

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