Organizing Old Baby Clothes

organizing old baby clothes

Raise your hand if you LOVE organization??? Oh, wow everyone??? Ok then!

I was a teacher in a former life (as in one year ago!) and I loved me some organization! I had labels here, folders there, totes here, and baskets there. Some may say that my efforts were a bit anal, but I call

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Making Mommy September Challenge: Pinterest Project!


Way back when in April I started a Making Mommy Monthly Challenge blog series, where I would challenge myself to complete something for that whole month. I started with doing ab work every day (ugh), and followed it up the next month with eating healthier snacks (double ugh). You can tell in the spring I

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Broccoli Baby Food

broccoli baby food

Now that baby boy is 1 year old, I am really trying to make an effort to feed baby boy what we are eating for dinner. Usually at lunch we all go our separate ways, so I don’t worry about us all eating the same thing. But dinner, I really would like to get into

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Boy Nursery Makeover

blue, orange, green nursery

I love, love, love before and after room makeovers…they always inspire me to take on a room of my own, and then, well, life happens! Because I started my blog after baby boy was born, I was never able to share my baby boy’s nursery makeover.

So why not do it now! I don’t really

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How “I” used Baby Wise

using baby wise book

Oh Baby Wise. How controversial you are.

*Note…this post is not written as a review etc….just my own opinion on something that Mom’s are talking about!

When I started reading the popular new-parent sleep scheduling book “On Becoming Baby Wise by Gary Ezzo I was prepared for absurd suggestions to be thrown at me every

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Diaper Changing Distractions

diaper change distractions

Gone are the days when baby boy would lay on the changing table, gaze up at Mommy & Daddy, coo and squeal, and LAY STILL. Yep, we are all about twisting and turning, grabbing our feet, reaching for the baby oil, pushing the basket of diapers off of the dresser, and MOVING AS MUCH AS

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Tomato Baby Food

tomato baby food

If any gene at all was passed down from me to my son, I HOPE it would be the “I could live on pasta!” gene. Seriously. I could live on pasta. Pasta was my go to dinner when I was pregnant, and it still is my go to dinner. In fact! As I am writing

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Baby Activity Board

baby activity board

I hope, *really hope* that I will be one of those Mother’s that tries to foster their child’s interests….you know, build on what they like, and incorporate learning into it yackety shmakety.

Baby boy loved him some water bottles so I came up with water sensory bottles. He gets a kick out of ripping things,

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Favorite Books for a One Year Old

best books for 1 year olds

My kid’s a bookworm and I love it. He sits so calmly, holding his book in two hands and makes us think that he really is reading it. How awesome is that?

I love, love, love children’s book, and reading a book to my Kindergarten kids (in my past life I was a teacher), was

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Turkey Baby Food

making turkey for baby

I will admit, I was weirded out when I first started giving baby boy meat. I was so worried about it not being prepared properly, that I just kind of avoided it! I know that meat is an important source of iron and protein for little ones, so I started out slowly and presented chicken

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