Making Mommy September Challenge: Body Part Photo Book!

baby body part book

If you remember last week I vowed/made myself conqour some of those dusty pins from Pinterest. You know the ones…you pin them and can’t wait to do it because it is such an awesome idea? And then there they sit…collecting dust.

Well this month for My Making Mommy Challenge (check out my abs every day

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Making Mommy September Challenge: DIY Light Box

diy light table

Hey y’all, I’m Sarah. For some reason I have had Paula Deen’s accent in my head. OK, that’s out of my system now.

Welcome back to my Making Mommy Challenge!! This month I decided to get to action and make some of those long lost pins that are growing dust over there on Pinterest. You

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Oogaa Mealtime Set Review and Giveaway

oogaa giveaway

I’m a woman. I love shopping. NOW I’m a Mommy and I LOVE shopping…especially for my son! I am a sucker for the cute new outfit at the store, or the adorable hat at the craft fair, or even the fun toy at the gift shop. I’m always looking for something new to try out

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Taking a Toddler to a Restaurant

tips for dining with a toddler

Taking a little one to a restaurant is not an easy feat. Eating out used to be a cake walk and was a welcome break from cooking at home. A little treat to ourselves. Yeah….not so much anymore! While not cooking dinner for a night is wonderful, sometimes it is just plain simpler to stay

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Mini Meatballs for Baby

meatballs for babies

Baby boy is such a big boy now! I just got back from shopping and I am buying 18 month pajamas! What?? Where did all that time go? Such is the plight of Mother’s everywhere….

Because baby boy is now 1 year old, he is eating more and more table foods. No more purees for

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