Boo! It’s my SITS Day!


BOO!!! Happy Halloween eve, and happy SITS day to me!!!! I have been waiting on the edge of my seat for this day to come, and here it is in all its glory!


In case you are like “what the what?” and wondering what I’m talking about…let me clue you in.

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Fave Veggies for a One Year Old

vegetables for a one year old

Recently I wrote about baby boy’s favorite fruits at 1 year old. Like I said he is a BIG fan of his fruits! When we set the plate down on his tray we always guess to see what he will go for first. He takes a second, peruses the choices, and more often than not

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Steps to Weaning a Breast Fed Baby

how to wean from breast feeding

My son has been breast fed from day 1. I have loved it! BUT….when he started getting to be about 11-12 months it became more of a chore than a bonding time. The morning and night nursings were still wonderful, but the lunch and dinner ones were a bit much. He was so squirmy and

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Co-Hosting the Mommy Brain Mixer!

Hi bloggy friends! I am so happy to be co-hosting a mixer for Mommy’s like me! We all appreciate a little comrade re in this Mommy gig we have ourselves in…you have come to the right place!!! Link up lovelies! ~ Sarah Come on over this Saturday for a wonderful new blog series called

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10 Reasons Why I Love Bath Time!

bath time with a toddler

I mentioned recently in a post about glowing bath toys that baby boy loves bath time. It’s an understatement really. Remember I mentioned that he gets so excited he decided to go potty right there on the outside of the tub. We have been keeping the diaper on for that reason until the last minute.

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Veggie Packed Muffins

veggie packed muffins

I promised myself that my next foodie post would be about something other than breakfast foods, and I kinda kept my promise. I have been slinging breakfast recipes at you left and right from my healthy toddler pancakes to my yummy couscous breakfast.

The muffins in today’s recipe I have been using mostly as a

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Halloween Sensory Bag

halloween sensory bag

BOO! Oh yes, I’m in the Halloween spirit. This is the time of year that I love to take the decoration out and really get into Halloween-izing the house. All the summer holidays are just no fun to decorate for, so I’m always excited to pull the big orange tub out from the attic and

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Why I {heart} AppleCheek Diapers!

applecheeks diaper review

Deciding to cloth diaper our baby boy’s bum was an easy decision for us. Yes, it saves money, but more important for us was the “green” factor. Now, I am not too crunchy when it comes to being green. We recycle, and try to keep our energy use to a minimum, but we slip up

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Wordless Wednesday: Pouring and Dumping

trip to the orchard

I have had a BUSY week, with playgroups, swimming lessons, orchard trips, and other fun toddler-ish things. So I am taking a break from writing and going to go with a Wordless Wednesday post. They are oh so popular in the blogging world, but I have never done one before! So yay here go!


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Fine Motor Activities (that are cheap!)

pincer grasp activities

You know those milestone papers that your doctor hands to you at your child’s well baby checkups? I know them all too well. I don’t want to freak out, but I’m a worrier. I can’t help it. Those catchy phrase pictures that say something like “worrying only adds to today’s burdens”, blah blah blah, don’t

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