Couscous is For Breakfast

couscous for toddler breakfast

I absolutely adore this stage in baby boy’s eating adventures. At 14 months he is so willing to try new things (waiting for that to change!), so I can get creative with his meals. He is mostly past the phase where I have to cook something different for him, because he can now usually eat

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Light Up Bath Time!

glow bath lights

Bath time lately has been one of our favorite times of the day. Baby boy knows that it is bath time when we start saying “bath time” over and over (who wouldn’t know?).

His usual M.O. is to excitedly crawl into the bathroom, mouth open, screaming and squealing. He pulls his little naked body up

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Sweet Potato/Apple Pancakes (for dinner!)

sweet potato and apple pancakes

Dinner on the table by 5:30. Simple enough? Not quite.

There are nights that everything goes as planned and baby boy entertains himself easily enough so that I AM able to accomplish dinner for the 3 of us. But then of course there is the unexpected phone call, or the wet sheets that need to

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What to Expect Book Review and Giveaway!

what to expect giveaway

Ahh motherhood…a mix of emotions right from the get go! Moments of bliss, followed the next minute by frustration, & always backed up with guilt and worry. Giving birth to that little one is the best thing in the world, but often the hardest at the same time.

I have always been a worrier, even

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10 New Things Our 14 Month Old Has Learned

things my 14 month old has learned

The first year with baby boy was an awesome year. He grew, learned how to sit up, crawl, and stand. He came to recognize Mom and Dad, have favorite toys, and started gaining a personality. We thought it couldn’t get any better.

WRONG. Enter the months after he turned one year old. It is WAY

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Ball Ramp

ball ramp for babies

For baby boy’s first birthday we bought him those colorful, plastic, ball pit balls. I think I bought them for him and myself (I can’t lie). I remember LOVING them as a child, and I still look twice when I go by a ball pit, because I secretly wish I could jump in! Admit it,

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An Open Letter to Germs

letter to germs

Dear Germs,

Hi, I’m a Mommy and I hate you. Yes, I can be blunt when I want to be, especially when it comes to this little guy:

You got us twice in the last month, yes twice. You see, I’m quite used to you, seeing that in my past life I

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My Day in Photos

Breakfast of champions while I wait for baby boy to wake up.

I have seen some posts here and there on some of my fave blogs about “a day in the life”. I always love seeing what other people are up to for the day. Usually it is about the same as my day, so if I ever start to lose my sanity, I can remember that

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Fave Fruits for a 1 Year Old

fruits for a one year old

Baby boy is just a few days shy of 14 months old and I am loving this age! He isn’t walking yet (which I am TOTALLY OK with!), but he is learning new things every moment it seems.

As far as eating, he packs it away like he has been eating for 30 years. Occasionally

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