5 Sense Memories

Have you ever been somewhere, minding your own business, and out of no where you smell a faint smell, hear a certain sound, or see something familiar, and BAM you are taken to another place?  Something so small can jog a memory and bring it back to life in an instant.  This happens to me…not all the time, but when it does it sure is strong!
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My Top 10 Five Sense Memories

  1. Baby Powder Scentsy Wax.  You know the popular flame-less candles that melt wax over a ligthbulb and send off a pleasant smell?  Mine no longer include Baby Powder wax.  I was preggo and having trouble with kidney stones, so one of my teacher friends bought me a baby powder scentsy to remind me of the great thing that was coming.  Well, now when I smell that all I can think of is feeling like I am going to throw up because I am 8 weeks pregnant and nauseous.
  2. Garlic Rolls from The Common Grill.  This rolls are to DIE for!  They are from a local restaurant and they are oh so yummy.  A family member brought them to a function when I was, you guessed it, 8 weeks pregnant and nauseous.  Common Grill rolls will never be the same.
  3. Custard Pastries. I traveled with my family to England when I was in 5th grade.  I tried a custard pastry and about gagged.  It took me a good 15 years to be able to see them again with out throwing up in my mouth a bit.
  4. OK, I’m noticing my list is about feeling like I am going to throw up…not what I intended.
  5. Men’s aftershave.  I can’t describe the smell, and I don’t know what brand of aftershave it is, but when I smell it I can also smell my Grandpa.  After he would leave our house from a visit, I would run to the lazy boy recliner and sniff the back of the headrest.  Grandpa smelled good :) AND at 94 he still smells good!
  6. Silky things.  This is weird, but anything silky reminds me of my blanket that I had as a small girl.  I would rub the silky part between my fingers for hours.  I would be lying if I said the inside of my jackets hanging in the closet are not silky…
  7. Campfire.  This is probably a big one for lots of people…but I ALWAYS get the urge to camp when I smell one of those.  Get me a tent or a pop up and I’m there.
  8. Long Island Ice Tea.  Ummm gross.  All I need to say is “21st birthday”.
  9. Green leaves.  Any time I am under a tree and look up I remember the maple trees in my backyard growing up.  I loved laying underneath them and looking up.  The simplicity of childhood.
  10. Johnson’s baby lotion.  Best smell of all because it reminds me of my little guy, especially right after a bath…sigh….

What memories of yours are brought back by a smell, sound, or sight?


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