5 Tips for Making Cereal Time Fun (& Successful)

   I am a list kind of person.  Lists on my phone.  Lists on sticky notes.  Lists on the computer.  Lists in my brain.  Everywhere there is a list.  Here is a list of tips to make cereal time fun and enjoyable for baby and mommy.

  1. Feed cereal (or other solids) after nursing.  If baby is too hungry then their will be more tears then eating.
  2. Start in the morning.  It seems that babies are happier in mornings than in evenings.  Make solids a good experience from the get go.
  3. Use a small spoon. The smaller the better.  It goes in their mouth easily and prevents too much food being fed at one time.  Rubber coated spoons are best.  Click here to see the spoons I like.
  4. Sings songs.  I find that it distracts my son and makes him open his mouth and smile, and POP: in goes the spoon.
  5. Stop when they are done.  Don’t worry about getting a certain amount down the hatch.  When they avoid the spoon and start whining, meal time is over.  No big deal.

Happy eating!


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