An Open Letter to Germs

Dear Germs,

Hi, I’m a Mommy and I hate you.  Yes, I can be blunt when I want to be, especially when it comes to this little guy:

letter to germs

You got us twice in the last month, yes twice.  You see, I’m quite used to you, seeing that in my past life I was a Kindergarten teacher.  I know you are everywhere.  And my husband, the pharmacist, is also familiar with your latest hangouts.  I actually built up a tolerance to you after being around snotty noses for 7 years.  And my hubby seems to avoid your plagues also.

BUT, then we went and had a baby.  I could have stayed in that hospital room forever because I was pretty sure you weren’t allowed in there.  But, alas, they kicked me out after 2 days.  My husband and I became hand washing drill sergeants.  We HAD to protect our perfect little bundle:

keeping germs away from babies

The first 4 or so months were pretty easy to keep you away.  Baby boy couldn’t put toys in his mouth too much from lack of coordination, and well, we didn’t go out a whole lot!  We decided to take our first plane trip with baby boy, and I was armed with hand disinfectant within reach at all times, because you of all people were not going to ruin our vacation in Florida.  No sir-ree.

germs and babies

Today is a different story.  The weather is turning cooler, kids are back in school (thankfully I am NOT), and sick people are abundant.  We are out and about much more, going to playgroups, large motor classes, music gatherings, shopping, you name it we go there.  And apparently you go there also.

The first time you came home with us you hit me first, then baby, then my hubby.  Before, you would just infect one of us, and leave the rest alone.  But nooooo, know you want your way with all of us?  A throwing up Mommy and baby are not a pretty sight.

OK, so we survived you and made it through with some lovely stories, but you weren’t done.  Nope.  One week later Daddy and baby get colds.  This was not just a little runny nose for baby boy.  It was a snot sucking, “I won’t go to sleep on my own”, sneezing, refusing liquids, stay inside for a week, kind of cold.

So my plea to you: stay away.  You got us all twice in one month, so spend your time elsewhere, and go hang out on someone else’s grocery cart for a bit. Please?

keeping germs away from babies


A *wishful* germ free Mom

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