When My Son Grows Up

Each week or so I post a “Play Away” entry.  You can see them all up there under that tab that says Play Away…nope next one over…yep that’s it!  Usually these posts are about something fun and exciting that baby boy and I have been playing with, like noodles or water tubs.  This week I am looking to the future (that was supposed to be read in a far away booming voice).  Now, I am NOT trying to wish away time and have my little guy grow up quickly, but as I lament in his inevitable speedy growth I can look forward to some of the activities I am excited to do with him.

activities to do with children

He's a baby on the go

  • Geocaching!  Seriously such a fun thing to do with family that involves getting out of the house.  If you aren’t up on it, it is basically using GPS coordinates to find a hidden “treasure”.  The treasure is usually nothing big but it is the searching and finding it that is fun.  We do this now, but baby boy just hangs out on our backs.  Check it out at geocaching.com
  • Sprinklers.  I can’t wait to set up the hose and sprinkler and watch the fun unfold.  How easy and entertaining is that!?
  • Sporting events.  I think this is really on my husband’s list, but I enjoy it too…especially when they are winning.
  • Water Parks.  I am not one for big slides, but I love going to them anyways!  Do you think a toddler would like the lazy river?  HA!
  • Art projects.  Hopefully he is artsy in nature.  We will have to start soon with some finger painting with pudding (yay!).  Click here to see our first attempt at hand print art.
  • Going up North.  If you are from MI, then you know what “going up north” means, and the peace and simple fun that comes with it.  If you’re not from MI, well “going up north” is a wonderful way to escape anything fast pace.  Great memories for me and I hope for my little guy too!
  • Camping.  AHHH!!!  Can’t wait!  I’m thinking a pop-up would be more up our ally with a child than the regular tent and air mattress we’re used to rocking out with.
  • Gardening.  I don’t know if I really like to garden, but maybe I will with a helper by my side.  Gardening also made it on my list of hobbies I wish I had.

What are activities that you love to do with your kids, or can’t wait to do?


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