Alternative to Peanut Butter!

Hello bloggy world! How have you been??? I’ve been busy!!!!

We just got back from a vacation down south (car ride with a baby was successful!) where we spent all week visiting with family/friends, white water rafting, zip lining, swinging at parks, and lot of other vacation goodness!

And apparently when I go on vacation, Spoon Fed Baby takes a hurting. I neglected all of you all!!! Sorry for that. Moving on!

I have not posted about food lately, and seeing that is what the theme of this blog is about – let’s get back to the basics!

I have posted before about my son’s obsession with bread. It is one of the only things that will get him out of the toddler swing and inside the house to eat. Instead of going for the straight sandwich every day, I try to change things up with flat bread and many various toppings. He loves jelly, and what goes with jelly? Peanut Butter!!  BUT alas, he is not two yet, and it’s a no no according to my pediatrician.

SO, I found a great alternative that gives P-buddy some protein in his diet, and is a good partner for jelly!!

Sunflower Butter!

Allergy free peanut butter

I found it at the supermarket in the aisle with the peanut butter. It is obviously made from sunflower seeds. If you are looking for the exact same taste as peanut butter, this isn’t it, but the flavor is good, and what 2 (or under) year old is even going to know what PB takes like??

It does have to be refrigerated and needs a bit of stirring before spreading it, but P-buddy loves it!!

That I call a win!

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