An Alternative to Baby Blankets!

If you have read some posts of mine you will come to realize one thing: I’m a worry wart.  I have always been, still am, and always will be.  Especially when it comes to my snuggly baby boy.

One thing that I worried about (not as much as I thought I would though) was him suffocating on things at night.  One of the reason’s why we got our video monitor!  From what I have read “bare is best” when it comes to what is in their crib at night.  Basically experts recommend no blankets, no bumpers, and no loose stuffed animals/toys.  Pretty much nothing!

Fine by me!  The less that is in there, the less I have to worry about!  As far as keeping baby boy warm it was easy peasy when he was tiny.  He was swaddled until about 4 months and after that he slept in a sleep sack that kept him toasty.  Over the summer he was in footed pj’s and stayed warm over night.

But now that winter weather is approaching and he is too big for the traditional sleep sack I wondered what I should use to keep him warm.  I have read (who knows where now!) that blankets are not recommended until after age 1 and maybe even up to 18 months.  I am SURE that baby boy would be fine with a blanket in his crib and would not suffocate, but could possibly kick his blanket off and would therefore become cold.  – He covers every inch of that crib each night!

So in my quest to find something that would ease my worrying brain I came across the Early Walker Sleep Sack by Halo.  It is the same concept as the other sleep sacks, in that is sleeveless and zips from the top down, but the Early Walker sack has leg holes.

early walker sleep sack

Baby boy is not totally walking yet but loves to stand up in his crib, so naturally he would trip up without the leg holes.  The sack is longer also so that when they are sleeping the extra drapes down and covers their feet, seeing that they are sticking out.

It has been the perfect answer for just a few more months of sleeping without a blanket, and a few more months of Mommy sleeping easy!

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