Now, tell me, when else can you give your baby avocado if you aren’t making your own baby food?  They aren’t sold in the jars that’s for sure.  Another pro for making your little one’s food in my book!  Ok, so avocado is a great early food for babies because of its smooth texture.  I chose to wait a bit to give it to baby boy…why I am not sure.  Avocados don’t have to be cooked to feed it to infants, and I think that weirded me out, so I stayed clear for a bit.  Now that he is 8 months old and doing well with thicker purees, I thought it would be a great time to add it to his plate.  I usually feed baby boy a fruit at lunch time and avocado’s would make a great addition to his pears and peaches.

Avocado homemade baby food

  1. Purchase the avocados.  Avocados are not on the dirty dozen list, so I did not purchase organic.  I looked for avocados that were green, bumpy, and firm.  When they can be pushed on and give slightly they are ripe and ready to eat.  avocado baby food
  2. Cut the avocado.  Roll the avocado around on the counter to help separate the meat from the skin.  Cut it in half and pop the pit out.  rolling avocadoavocado pit
  3. Scoop out and mash.  Because avocados do not need to be cooked before feeding to baby, you can simply scoop out the meat, mash it with a fork, add some breast milk or other liquid, and serve!mashed avocado
  4. OR puree.  Baby boy was a little hesitant with the texture, so I decided to scoop out the meat from all the avocados and puree it, using my Beaba Babycook, so that a smoother texture was achieved.  avocado ready to be pureedpureed avocado
  5. Freeze.  I tried freezing the puree in my storage trays and it seemed to work well.  I did notice that when I got out two cubes to thaw for the day in the fridge, the puree discolored a bit.  It seems to work best to thaw them in the microwave and serve right away.  freezing avocado

Avocados have a different taste for sure and it took baby boy a few days to get used to it.  I have found that it makes a good fruit to mix with other fruits such as bananas or pears.  Use your imagination!

Next up: Yogurt!

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