Noodle Play

Baby boy LOVES to slowly slide his hand across objects…a few popular ones are: his high chair tray, stuffed animals, my shirt, the tile floor, or really anything else that feels good.  Because he likes those different textures, I have been trying to find play time sensory activities that would let him explore new textures.

I found this AWESOME idea from Play at Home Moms for colored spaghetti.  Seriously…visit that website…SO many good ideas. One evening I could tell the little guy was getting a bit restless, so we pulled out the colored spaghetti and let him go to town!  (On a side note, the high chair carpet mat is great for these kinds of activities).

Spaghetti Noodle Sensory Play

materials for noodle play

  • Boil the noodles.  I chose spaghetti noodles because they were long and harder to eat.  That way there was less chance of it turning into a meal rather than a play time.
  • Add food coloring.  As the noodles are boiling drop in a good amount of food coloring.boiling noodles for noodle play


  • Drain the noodles.  I ran cold water over the noodles also to prevent them from becoming clumps of stickiness.
  • Play away!sensory play with noodles

Baby boy liked touching the noodles and trying to pull them apart (like he does with his ribbon).  There was a lot of attempts at eating them also (who can blame him!).  He enjoyed having them draped over his legs and kicking them around.

A cheap and fun texture activity!



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