Baby Signs to Start With

Signing with your baby is all the rage lately!  Very trendy.  You see books galore on the subject and lots of websites popping up here and there to help us to teach our babies to sign.  So I figured why not write a top 10 post on it!  Here we go!

When baby boy started eating solids (around 5 months) we started signing with him right away.  Our good friends had great success with their son (see him here!) and sign language that we thought we would give it a try.  I have heard questions about it as to whether or not it will help develop language or if it will hurt.  According to Baby Center research is showing that it will actually help language develop and will give little ones a way to communicate before they are able to speak.  Sounds great right??

I have read that when teaching babies sign language consistency and repetition are most beneficial.  Some tips are:

  • sign frequently so that your baby sees and hears the word in many contexts
  • start early around 8 or so months, but don’t expect results right away
  • say the word attached to the sign many times as you demonstrate what it means
  • respond quickly and enthusiastically to your child’s attempts at signing by providing what they are asking for
  • don’t give up!

Now, I have to be honest – we have been at it for quite some time and have yet to see a consistent sign coming from our now 13.5 month old.  There have been a few times where we think he is signing but we aren’t sure…we are still plugging away though!  Just like my last hint up top – don’t give up!

Top 10 baby sign language signs to start with

baby sign language

I have used the website Baby Sign Language many times when looking up a sign to teach my son, so I thought I would post the top 10 signs we started with baby boy and link the tutorials to  Sign away!

  1. more –  can be used most often when eating, but also in other contexts such as playing, etc.
  2. food
  3. water
  4. milk – big one!
  5. all done – we actually use the sign for “finished”
  6. sleep
  7. hot
  8. hurt – could be used to signal that something is dangerous
  9. yes – affirm that what you are giving them is what they wanted!
  10. bath – baby boy’s favorite time of the day!

Have you had any successes with teaching your little one sign language?

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