Welcome Home Baby: First Days Home

*Tear*  *Sniff*  It is my last post in my Welcome Home Baby! series!  I can’t believe that I successfully pulled off a blog series!  It has been a busy week of writing, but I am so glad that I did it.  My son is now 9 months old, and I have loved going back and looking at the pictures of when he was first born.  Because of this series, my husband and I have shared a few memories of those days also.  How bittersweet (smile).

OK!  Back to reality.  Today I am going to share some tips for the first few days at home with your itty bitty baby.  They are your best days and your worst days!  Emotions run rampant…let me tell you!  To catch you up to speed here are my other posts from the series:

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  6. First Two Days Home

I broke down my “what to expect” at home hints into 1) for mom and 2) for baby

Babies First Days at Home

For Mom

  • Emotions.  There will be ALL kinds of crazy emotions.  Don’t be afraid if weird thoughts come into your head. Give it a couple weeks for it to settle down.  I remember being upset that my husband could say “I love you” to our son before I could.  For me, it came after taking care of him for a few weeks, and then I knew that I loved him so much (smile).
  • Schedule.  Sounds odd, but there is a schedule (especially if you are nursing).  Baby needs to be fed every 2-2.5 hours.  Each feeding takes about 45 minutes.  That gives Mom about one hour in between.  This hour is taken up with eating, napping, showering, and sitting on a sitz bath.  I felt that I was not with my newborn unless I was nursing.
  • Get help!  I don’t know about the need to be a supermom and do everything at once.  Be with your baby!  My husband was home and my parents stayed off and on for about 2 weeks.  It was great!  They took care of the food, cleaning, and house stuff, so that my husband and I could focus on all the baby stuff.  Thanks Mom and Dad.
  • Sleep.  Everyone says “sleep when the baby sleeps’, but for REAL, do it!  I know it’s a bit harder if you have another child, but if you only have one, this is your only time to try and catch up on your sleep.  Read about what I do during naps now.
  • Take your medicine.  I was on a nice schedule of meds that kept me pain free for the most part.  Take care of your self.  Take your meds, sit on a sitz bath, “clean” yourself appropriately.  Your baby wants you to.
  • Buy the big pads.  Just do it.  You will have the period of your life those first few days.
  • Soak your breasts.  Yep.  Hot, salt water on a washcloth helps to heal your “you know whats” from all that nursing.
  • Drink water.  Staying hydrated helps with all that healing stuff, AND helps your milk come in.bringing home baby

For Baby

  • Eat, play, sleep.  My husband and I were very successful with getting our son on a nice schedule of eating, playing, sleeping.  Granted it was our son’s way or the highway the first few weeks.  But we did start right away, just by playing with him a bit after a feeding to keep him awake for 10 minutes or so.  First signs of fussiness, we swaddled him up and let him sleep.
  • Skin to skin.  The new rage is skin to skin contact with your baby.  Apparently it helps heal Mom, assists in milk production and helps baby with their sucking patterns.  Mom or Dad can do this.  It’s oh so cozy.
  • Leakage.  There were many diaper leakages happening those first few days.  We learned a valuable lesson that when putting a new diaper on a baby boy, to point his man parts DOWN.  Oh, and they always poop when their diaper is off.
  • Crying.  Babies do it!  The crying doesn’t really start until later that first week, when baby starts “waking up”.  We found The Happiest Baby on the Block book to be a life saver.  Swaddle that baby up, swing him side to side, and turn him on his side was our mantra.

There you go!  There are a MILLION other things I could add, but it would be a bit much…so I will leave you with that.  I have loved writing this series, and I hope you enjoyed it!

What other tips/advice for those first two days do you have?

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2 comments to Welcome Home Baby: First Days Home

  • Visiting from SITS Girls.

    Great advice for new mom’s. They should listen and obey! :)

    The only thing I would add would be to talk to other moms! That helps a lot, too – they’ve already been through what you’ve been through and can help you a lot with practical advice and moral support. Those first few weeks are challenging.

    It’s been a LONG time since I went through that – my kids are 27 and 25. But I remember!!!

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