Baby Scrapbook for the Non-Scrapbooker

I’m a sucker for scrapbooks.  Looking at them that is, NOT making them.  I have made a few in my lifetime though: senior year scrapbook, wedding scrapbook, and a bump book (preggo book).  I just can’t get creative enough to sit there and cut out cute designs for hours on end.  I usually end up recycling the same design every four pages or so.

When I was pregnant with my little guy I knew that I had to keep a scrapbook of his first year, but the thought of making the book made me slightly ill.  I set out to find a scrapbook for babies first year, that was user friendly…AKA “already done for me”

I discovered the C.R. Gibson Memory Book .  I purchased the green gender neutral one, and it is adorable:baby scrapbook

It has all the features that I would choose to put in a scrapbook:

recording pregnancy details

Info about how you found out you were pregnant

details of each month

Milestones of each month

Baby milestones

Important accomplishments

birthday memories

Birthday memories up to age 5

Of course, I have to add all the pictures (I told you I was bad at this).  But easy peasy huh?  I am actually up to date on it, but I hear that is a harder feat to accomplish with the 2nd child….we will have to wait and see!  Have you been successful with updating your child’s baby book?


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1 comment to Baby Scrapbook for the Non-Scrapbooker

  • You are so right about this book! I am NOT a scrapbooker, but did one of these for my son and now need to get my junk together and do my daughter’s as well. Anyway, great book–thanks for the reminder and for the kick in the pants :)

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