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     Hello Computer.  Hello bloggy world.  I’m back!  I realize probably not too many people missed me, but here I am!  My husband, son, and I went on a fabulous vacation to Marco Island, FL, where my parents have a condo for the winter.  They were craving some grandbaby time, and we were craving some sun!  We were all satisfied.  There were a few tears today as we were saying goodbye in the airport, but all is well now. 

   While on vacation I decided NOT to post any blog entries, but I couldn’t pull myself away from all the background stuff, so I still did bloggy things.  We had tons of fun on vacation (our first real vacation with baby!).  There was swimming, walks, zoo trips, visiting family, and of course relaxing. 

   Not only did we have great family time, a renewed spirit, and sun, I got LOTS of great blog material!  You will slowly be hearing about my vacation one post at a time (smile).  

Coming soon to a blog near you: oatmeal, sweet potatoes, & flying with a baby. Stay tuned! 

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