Bananas = the EASIEST food to prepare for your baby ever!  Seriously…you don’t even need to wash them!  I know a lot of moms give bananas as one of their babies first foods but I was hesitant because of their constipating nature.  Baby boy had a bit of trouble with “keeping things going” (hence the peas, pears, and peaches!), so I was afraid to give him something that would only complicate the matter (no pun intended).  Now that he is 8 months old (yikes!), he has been pretty regular lately, so it’s time to add in bananas!

Homemade baby food: Bananas!

  1. Select banana.  I opted for a nice yellow one, not too green, and not brown yet.  Perfect!banana for baby food
  2. Cut off a chunk.  I will slice off a chunk, peel and all.  I then put the rest of the banana in a baggie or just leave it in the fruit dish.  When I serve it again, I will slice off another chunk, but discard the very end that is all rubbery from sitting out.  baby food banana
  3. Mash the banana.  A fork works wonderfully to mash the banana into soft bits.  I add just a bit of breast milk because my son is eating chunkier purees now, but if your baby is itty bitty you can mix in enough liquid (breast milk/formula) to make it pretty smooth and thin.  banana baby food

Because bananas can cause constipation in little ones, I usually just give just a bit with breakfast after his apples and oatmeal.  I have even offered it every other day so he is not eating large quantities of it.

Bananas also is a good fruit to mix in with other foods such as apples, avocado, and pears!  A little cinnamon makes it especially yummy!  Not sold on making baby food?  Check out my pros and cons.

Next up: Avocados!

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2 comments to Bananas

  • My daughter loves bananas! My favorite thing about them is that they are so easy to use when you are on the go. All I have to do is throw a banana in the diaper bag and then break off a chunk and mash it with a fork when she is hungry. No real prep needed! =)

  • Agreed–nothing brilliant to add, but we are lovin’ on the bananas right now!

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