Barley Cereal

Hello 7.5 months how are you?  I am doing well, but a little baffled on how you snuck up on us so quickly!  I was just getting used to 4 months.  Seriously, where does time go when you have a baby?

Well, here we are almost 8 months and loving solid food!  If you haven’t checked in on my feeding schedule, we have cut a nursing and a nap out (craziness, I know), and upped the solid foods.  Since 4 months old baby boy has been getting rice cereal, and since about 6 months or so we added in oatmeal.  Of course we are still doing all those yummy veggies, like carrots & sweet potatoes.

We seemed to encounter a problem…a “going” problem….an “output” problem.  Yeah, baby boy wasn’t pooping!  After talking to our pediatrician we decided to get a bit more fiber in his diet.  We started apples (post coming soon!) and switched out the rice cereal for barley cereal.  Rice cereal can be constipating, and barley has more fiber.  We do the same as with the oatmeal and rice, just mix it up with a little breast milk and warm it for just a few seconds in the microwave.

Every since switching he seems to be on track (digestionally speaking-is that a word?), and a bit more comfortable, well except for the whole teething thing!

Up next: apples and pears!  His first fruits (smile)

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