I think I will have to stop feeding baby boy solids because he is getting HEA-VY!  Joking, I wouldn’t do that but my back is saying NO, and my biceps are getting buff!  haha.  Anyways, our next pureed baby food on the menu is carrots.  I already feed him squash, sweet potatoes, and peas, so I didn’t want to add another orange/yellow veggie in, but I figured that carrots were a safe bet.  So without further ado let’s get to it!

Steps to making pureed carrots:

  1. Buy fresh carrots: Look for fresh carrots in your produce section.  You can tell they are fresh if they have only a small amount of those finger like hairs on the top.  Read here why it is best to buy fresh carrots and not bagged baby carrots.
  2. Wash the carrots and peel them.Making pureed carrots
  3. Dice them.  I cut them into small coin size pieces but if you are steaming you might want to cut them even smaller to make sure that they cook all the way through.  Making pureed carrots
  4. Steam them.  I use the Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker.
  5. Puree them.  As with peas, squash and sweet potatoes, I used the water/juice left over from steaming them in order to get a lot of the nutrients back into the puree, but with carrots it is best not to because of the nitrates.  Read here why the left over water should not be used to puree carrots.  So instead I added A LOT of breast milk into the mix (probably about 3-4 oz).  It was still kinda chunky when I first pureed it, so I just kept adding until it became smooth.  making pureed carrots
  6. Spoon them into the baby food freezer trays.pureed carrots
  7. Ta-da!  Pureed carrots!

  My husband and I keep waiting for a baby food to be rejected by our little guy, but so far he is a fan of everything!  We also keep taking pictures of his first bite in anticipation of a squished up yucky face, but so far nothing!  I guess this is a good thing. 

Next up: Parsnips!

Let me know what foods your baby liked and what foods he/she made that yuck face for!


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3 comments to Carrots

  • I used to have the Magic Baby Bullet and I pureed my babys food and she absolutely HATED it! I pureed everything from sweet potatoes to pears. The only thing she liked was playing with the spoon itself… funny huh. And I didn’t want to give my baby, baby food from a jar either!!! Glad it worked out for you!!

    P.S. Buying the Baby Bullet was a complete waste of money… A regular blender works juuuuust fine 😉

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