Introducing the Sippy Cup

tips for introducing the sippy cup

You know your baby is growing up when the word “Sippy Cup” is a part of your day. Yikes.

Ahhh the Sippy Cup….when to start, what to put in it, what kind of cup…so many questions! I am breast feeding my son, so he only gets a bottle if I am away from him for

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pastina for baby food

During my pregnancy I ate pasta like it was going to be wiped off the face of the Earth. Seriously, I loved it before I got preggo, but afterwards, it was like I was having an affair with it. Yum. When the time came to introduce some pasta to baby boy, I could not have

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Tips for Starting Finger Foods

starting finger foods

It’s like a hurdle. It’s hard to get over, but once you do, you just keep moving on. I was so nervous to start baby boy on finger foods…Is it cut small enough? Does he know how to chew? Is the food soft enough? So around 8.5 months old I just took the leap and

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Rice & Barley

making rice and barley for baby

So who else has felt like they are in a baby puree slump?? I do! I read recently that babies never get bored of their puree’s because they don’t know all the wonderful food options out there. It’s the adults that get restless, because they can’t wait to introduce their child to all the exciting

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avocado baby food

Now, tell me, when else can you give your baby avocado if you aren’t making your own baby food? They aren’t sold in the jars that’s for sure. Another pro for making your little one’s food in my book! Ok, so avocado is a great early food for babies because of its smooth texture. I

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banana for baby food

Bananas = the EASIEST food to prepare for your baby ever! Seriously…you don’t even need to wash them! I know a lot of moms give bananas as one of their babies first foods but I was hesitant because of their constipating nature. Baby boy had a bit of trouble with “keeping things going” (hence the

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