Homemade Baby Food Meals

mixing food for baby meal

So what is up with babies growing up?? They do it soooo fast that is hard to keep up with all the memories that I am supposed to be remembering! My little guy will be 11 months old tomorrow (really??), and he is a crawling, exploring machine.

Because he is getting older and has been

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Boy, do I love, love, love when I start seeing melons in the grocery store. For us up here in Michigan we start seeing them in late April or so, but they really aren’t good tasting until June-ish. So juicy and yummy…oh my! Can’t get enough! My husband really likes the seedless watermelon, and my

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mango baby food

Whew…it has been a while since I posted a new baby food recipe! Yikes! Rest assured, just because I haven’t posted about it doesn’t mean that I have stopped feeding my baby. Believe me he has been chowing down like no other! He is 10.5 months now, and we have moved to more finger foods.

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chicken for babies

My baby is no longer a vegetarian…boo hoo! Really I am not sure why I am sad because my husband and I are not vegetarians…but something about it means he’s growing up I guess? My pediatrician recommended waiting until 9 months to introduce meats to baby boy. But I have to say it…check with your

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