Alternative to Peanut Butter!

Allergy free peanut butter

Hello bloggy world! How have you been??? I’ve been busy!!!!

We just got back from a vacation down south (car ride with a baby was successful!) where we spent all week visiting with family/friends, white water rafting, zip lining, swinging at parks, and lot of other vacation goodness!

And apparently when I go on vacation,

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Serving Up Flat Bread

flat bread toppings

One of P-buddy’s favorite lunch choices is bread. Or as he calls it (quite forcefully): “BREEEEEEAAAA”. There usually is no mistaking what he wants for lunch. Instead of slapping a plain ol’ piece of bread on his plate I try to spice it up a bit with some flavors, and will often sneak in a

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What’s For Lunch – Toddler Style!

Lunch foods for toddlers

Last week I was in a food slump. I felt like I was serving the same thing, for breakfast specifically, over and over and over (and over). SO I wrote a post about breakfast options for toddlers, and what do you know, I already had some rockin ideas to get me out of my samo

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What’s For Breakfast: Toddler Style!

Toddler Breakfast Ideas

Is anyone in that toddler food slump lately? I’ve been feeling it big time lately over here! “What’s for breakfast? Anyone? Anyone?”

Lately P-buddy and I have been out and about in the mornings: gym, playgroup (remember my awesome Moms group?), doctors, appointments…massages…spa days…sleeping in – oh wait I think I got off track. Basically

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Recipe Mash Up!

As you know (or maybe you don’t!) I took a mini break from blogging over the holidays, but I am now back in full swing (or maybe just half swing…depends on the day). While I was on break I did some deep bloggy thinking, or at least just some bloggy thinking, and I decided that

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Stuffed Pasta Shells

stuffed pasta shells

I’m back! You probably didn’t notice I was gone, but I was! I like to decorate cakes on the side (mostly for family parties) but I got my first order from a paying customer that I didn’t know before hand! Woo hoo! So needless to say I was extra nervous and wanted to do a

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Yoyo over Yogurt

greek yogurt mix ins

We love us some yogurt around these parts! Yogurt was one of baby boy’s first new foods after the basic fruits and veggies were introduced. I waited until around 8 months or so to introduce it because it has dairy in it, and I wasn’t sure about an allergic reaction. Baby boy had some spit

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Fave Veggies for a One Year Old

vegetables for a one year old

Recently I wrote about baby boy’s favorite fruits at 1 year old. Like I said he is a BIG fan of his fruits! When we set the plate down on his tray we always guess to see what he will go for first. He takes a second, peruses the choices, and more often than not

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Veggie Packed Muffins

veggie packed muffins

I promised myself that my next foodie post would be about something other than breakfast foods, and I kinda kept my promise. I have been slinging breakfast recipes at you left and right from my healthy toddler pancakes to my yummy couscous breakfast.

The muffins in today’s recipe I have been using mostly as a

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Couscous is For Breakfast

couscous for toddler breakfast

I absolutely adore this stage in baby boy’s eating adventures. At 14 months he is so willing to try new things (waiting for that to change!), so I can get creative with his meals. He is mostly past the phase where I have to cook something different for him, because he can now usually eat

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