Fave Fruits for a 1 Year Old

fruits for a one year old

Baby boy is just a few days shy of 14 months old and I am loving this age! He isn’t walking yet (which I am TOTALLY OK with!), but he is learning new things every moment it seems.

As far as eating, he packs it away like he has been eating for 30 years. Occasionally

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Boy, do I love, love, love when I start seeing melons in the grocery store. For us up here in Michigan we start seeing them in late April or so, but they really aren’t good tasting until June-ish. So juicy and yummy…oh my! Can’t get enough! My husband really likes the seedless watermelon, and my

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mango baby food

Whew…it has been a while since I posted a new baby food recipe! Yikes! Rest assured, just because I haven’t posted about it doesn’t mean that I have stopped feeding my baby. Believe me he has been chowing down like no other! He is 10.5 months now, and we have moved to more finger foods.

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avocado baby food

Now, tell me, when else can you give your baby avocado if you aren’t making your own baby food? They aren’t sold in the jars that’s for sure. Another pro for making your little one’s food in my book! Ok, so avocado is a great early food for babies because of its smooth texture. I

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banana for baby food

Bananas = the EASIEST food to prepare for your baby ever! Seriously…you don’t even need to wash them! I know a lot of moms give bananas as one of their babies first foods but I was hesitant because of their constipating nature. Baby boy had a bit of trouble with “keeping things going” (hence the

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making homemade baby food peaches

Can I just take a moment to say that I love making my little guy baby food? There is something rewarding about knowing that I made what is going into his mouth! It’s not for everyone…no biggie! I just really enjoy it. Oh, and hey, I blogged about the pros and cons of making baby

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pears for baby food

Someone has taken my baby and replaced him with an almost 8 month old…WHAT? Seriously, this boy is growing way to fast for my liking. The past couple weeks he has been HUNGRY. Usually when the bowl is empty we say “All Done!” and clean up and no big deal. He goes to playing with

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making apple baby food

Drum-roll please……brmmm brmmm (how do you spell a drum roll?)…..brmmmmm….presenting baby boy’s first taste of fruit!!!! Yeah, maybe that is a little too much hype? Anyways, we are taking a break from introducing new veggies to try our hand at fruits.

First up: Apples! As I mentioned in our Barley Cereal post, baby boy has

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