Fave Veggies for a One Year Old

vegetables for a one year old

Recently I wrote about baby boy’s favorite fruits at 1 year old. Like I said he is a BIG fan of his fruits! When we set the plate down on his tray we always guess to see what he will go for first. He takes a second, peruses the choices, and more often than not

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Veggie Packed Muffins

veggie packed muffins

I promised myself that my next foodie post would be about something other than breakfast foods, and I kinda kept my promise. I have been slinging breakfast recipes at you left and right from my healthy toddler pancakes to my yummy couscous breakfast.

The muffins in today’s recipe I have been using mostly as a

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Broccoli Baby Food

broccoli baby food

Now that baby boy is 1 year old, I am really trying to make an effort to feed baby boy what we are eating for dinner. Usually at lunch we all go our separate ways, so I don’t worry about us all eating the same thing. But dinner, I really would like to get into

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Tomato Baby Food

tomato baby food

If any gene at all was passed down from me to my son, I HOPE it would be the “I could live on pasta!” gene. Seriously. I could live on pasta. Pasta was my go to dinner when I was pregnant, and it still is my go to dinner. In fact! As I am writing

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Zucchini Baby Food

zucchini baby food

Baby boy is growing up, but I am loving this age when it comes to food! Well, and that he is just so funny, animated, and cute, but you already know that! But as far as food goes, I am able to really get into new and interesting foods with baby boy. The more foods

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Green Beans

frozen green beans for baby food

Holy Moly! This weekend has been crazy crazy busy! My husband and I were both in my brother-in-law’s wedding on Saturday and then our baby boy was baptised on Sunday. I have determined that preparing for any event takes twice as long with a little guy around than before. We made it though and both

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Butternut Squash

homemade baby food butternut squash

Last I left you we were experimenting with Parsnips. I have finally found the food that baby boy reacts to! He seems to gag a bit on the Parsnips (kinda funny, but poor little guy!) It seems that he likes it MUCH better if it is mixed with carrots or sweet potatoes. His very first

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baby food parsnip puree

Parsnips? What the what? I don’t know if I have ever had a parsnip or even heard of them! I am more of a middle of the road peas and corn kinda veggie girl, so yeah, parsnips aren’t on my radar! But now that I am making baby boy’s baby food, I wanted to be

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Making pureed carrots

I think I will have to stop feeding baby boy solids because he is getting HEA-VY! Joking, I wouldn’t do that but my back is saying NO, and my biceps are getting buff! haha. Anyways, our next pureed baby food on the menu is carrots. I already feed him squash, sweet potatoes, and peas,

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Sweet Potatoes

Making pureed sweet potatoes

I remember posting a bit ago how I was shocked that baby boy would be 6 months soon, and here we are creeping up on 7 months. I have decided that I don’t like that number because it sounds WAY to close to 1 year old (sigh). I must say that I do like

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