Making Mommy September Challenge: Fine Motor Tube

fine motor tube

I made it through my Pinterest Project challenge!!! Woo Hoo! If you have been following along, this month for my Making Mommy Challenge I gave myself the goal of accomplishing one of my long lost Pinterest Pins each week. I actually really loved this challenge because it gave me something fun to do during nap

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Making Mommy September Challenge: Family Photo Magnets

magnetic photos for baby

Whew! I have been DIY-ing my way through this month! I have to be honest out of all my Making Mommy Challenges (abs every day and healthy snacking) this month’s Pinterest Projects has been my favorite! I have been scouring my pins and finding ones that I loved and just never got to, and am

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Making Mommy September Challenge: Body Part Photo Book!

baby body part book

If you remember last week I vowed/made myself conqour some of those dusty pins from Pinterest. You know the ones…you pin them and can’t wait to do it because it is such an awesome idea? And then there they sit…collecting dust.

Well this month for My Making Mommy Challenge (check out my abs every day

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Making Mommy September Challenge: DIY Light Box

diy light table

Hey y’all, I’m Sarah. For some reason I have had Paula Deen’s accent in my head. OK, that’s out of my system now.

Welcome back to my Making Mommy Challenge!! This month I decided to get to action and make some of those long lost pins that are growing dust over there on Pinterest. You

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Making Mommy September Challenge: Pinterest Project!


Way back when in April I started a Making Mommy Monthly Challenge blog series, where I would challenge myself to complete something for that whole month. I started with doing ab work every day (ugh), and followed it up the next month with eating healthier snacks (double ugh). You can tell in the spring I

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Making Mommy May Challenge: Wrap Up!

healthy night time snacks

Goodbye to May, and goodbye to a few extra pounds! Woo Hoo! I am nearing my pre-pregnancy weight slowly but surely. It’s harder than I thought, and takes more will power. Ugh. But I’m getting there! This month I challenged myself to let go of my nightly snacking habits and try a few fruits and

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Making Mommy May Challenge: Update!


So the title up there says Update huh? That means I have to update you and be honest about this challenge? goes nothing! If you remember, I made a pact with myself to skip the fattening late night snacks and go for fruit or veggies.

Before I lay it on the line…check out my

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Making Mommy April Challenge: Bonus Guest Post!


Guess what? Jami from LOVAstyle decided to come back for one more BONUS guest post as part of my Making Mommy April Challenge. This time she is sharing exercises to help out our upper body. If you missed the rest of her posts and my Making Mommy April Challenge check them out here:

Series Index

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Making Mommy May Challenge: Healthy Snacking!

healthy snack collage

Another month, another challenge! Ugh. Oh wait, you weren’t supposed to hear that! Last month I tried adding in some abdominal workouts every day to try and get back to my pre-baby body (if that is possible?). If you missed the challenge check it out here.

This month I am going to try and improve

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Making Mommy April Challenge – Wrap Up!


I MADE it! My first challenge in my new Making Mommy Series is in the books. For the month of April I challenged myself to do some sort of ab work out each day. I go to the gym about 3-4 times each week and do a step or kickboxing class…which I love. But I

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