Bubbly Baking Soda

Summer is here!!!! P-buddy’s playroom is downstairs in our finished basement and is starting to grow cobwebs!!! We seriously have not been down there in a good two weeks because the weather has finally been nice and we have been spending most of our days at the park or in our backyard swinging. Doesn’t get

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A Dollar Store Bath

Dollar Store bath toys

I never really knew the gold mine that is the Dollar Tree until my baby turned into a toddler. I make a trip over there about every two weeks and pick up some new play toys for not very much money!

I’m in love with their food storage containers that I have used to store

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DIY Felt Board

DIY Felt Board

I go through spurts of DIY-ness (is that a word?). I was on a pretty good roll around the time of my DIY light table, and then well life happened and I pretty much bought what I needed. Ha!

Lately though I have been channeling my inner HGTV and trying out some home projects. The

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Glowing Balloon Bath

Glowing balloon bath

Glow sticks, glow balls, glow balloons, oh my! I have been seeing light up bath time posts plastered all over Pinterest now. In cyber lingo – it’s “trending”! My glow light post was even featured on Growing a Jeweled Rose (the mecca for bath time activities)!

P-buddy has had his share of light up bath

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Playing With Emotions

Emotion cards for toddlers

*Make sure you read ALL THE WAY to the end because there’s a freebie for you!!!

Back in the day (which means oh, like 7 years ago or so) when I was working on my masters degree in Early Childhood Ed. (fancy huh?), I wrote a research paper on empathy. While

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Sink Sensory Play

Sink Sensory Play

I guested a while back at My Rural Mommy with this post…and well….I ran out of time to WRITE today so I’m cheating and using my guest post! Enjoy!

Sigh. We are right in the thick of the “let’s stay inside all day because it’s to darn cold outside” days. Last year it wasn’t too

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Winter Foam Bath Fun

Craft foam snowman for the tub!

Bath time is quickly becoming one of baby boy’s favorite times of the day. Actually I should say that any time we play with water he L-O-V-E-S it. Seriously. He stood on a stool for 25 minutes and played in soapy water “washing” the dishes a few days ago. What a good little helper (smile).

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Playroom in Progress

toddler playroom

I’m starting to see it. It has developed slowly, but it seems like I just can’t stop it.

My former “teacher life” is slowly but surely creeping into my present “stay at home mom life”.

Now that baby boy (I think I should find a new name for him!) is almost 1.5 years old,

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Reasons To Join a Playgroup!

finding a playgroup

Right around January of 2012, when baby boy was 5.5 months, it hit me. I was a stay at home mom. It was winter up here in MI, and we all know what happens when the weather dips below 32 degrees: everyone stays inside! Except of course the young, daring, snow bunnies who venture out

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Halloween Sensory Bag

halloween sensory bag

BOO! Oh yes, I’m in the Halloween spirit. This is the time of year that I love to take the decoration out and really get into Halloween-izing the house. All the summer holidays are just no fun to decorate for, so I’m always excited to pull the big orange tub out from the attic and

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