Fine Motor Activities (that are cheap!)

pincer grasp activities

You know those milestone papers that your doctor hands to you at your child’s well baby checkups? I know them all too well. I don’t want to freak out, but I’m a worrier. I can’t help it. Those catchy phrase pictures that say something like “worrying only adds to today’s burdens”, blah blah blah, don’t

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Ball Ramp

ball ramp for babies

For baby boy’s first birthday we bought him those colorful, plastic, ball pit balls. I think I bought them for him and myself (I can’t lie). I remember LOVING them as a child, and I still look twice when I go by a ball pit, because I secretly wish I could jump in! Admit it,

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Making Mommy September Challenge: Fine Motor Tube

fine motor tube

I made it through my Pinterest Project challenge!!! Woo Hoo! If you have been following along, this month for my Making Mommy Challenge I gave myself the goal of accomplishing one of my long lost Pinterest Pins each week. I actually really loved this challenge because it gave me something fun to do during nap

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Musical Balloon Shakers

musical balloon shakers

Ever since baby boy learned what “shake it” meant, he shakes anything around him with gusto. He picks up that rattle in his chubby little hand and shakes it like there’s no tomorrow. His other free hand joins in the fun, because, well, you can’t just use one hand when you are “shaking it”!


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Making Mommy September Challenge: Family Photo Magnets

magnetic photos for baby

Whew! I have been DIY-ing my way through this month! I have to be honest out of all my Making Mommy Challenges (abs every day and healthy snacking) this month’s Pinterest Projects has been my favorite! I have been scouring my pins and finding ones that I loved and just never got to, and am

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Baby Signs to Start With

baby sign language

Signing with your baby is all the rage lately! Very trendy. You see books galore on the subject and lots of websites popping up here and there to help us to teach our babies to sign. So I figured why not write a top 10 post on it! Here we go!

When baby boy started

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Cool Whip Sensory Bath

cool whip sensory bath

I am falling in love with the bathtub.

Not for a quick bubble bath escape to save my sanity, or a long awaited hot shower, but more for making baby messes with easy clean up!

Baby boy takes a bath every other day, unless he gets way dirty of course, so on his bath

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Making Mommy September Challenge: Body Part Photo Book!

baby body part book

If you remember last week I vowed/made myself conqour some of those dusty pins from Pinterest. You know the ones…you pin them and can’t wait to do it because it is such an awesome idea? And then there they sit…collecting dust.

Well this month for My Making Mommy Challenge (check out my abs every day

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Making Mommy September Challenge: DIY Light Box

diy light table

Hey y’all, I’m Sarah. For some reason I have had Paula Deen’s accent in my head. OK, that’s out of my system now.

Welcome back to my Making Mommy Challenge!! This month I decided to get to action and make some of those long lost pins that are growing dust over there on Pinterest. You

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Baby Activity Board

baby activity board

I hope, *really hope* that I will be one of those Mother’s that tries to foster their child’s interests….you know, build on what they like, and incorporate learning into it yackety shmakety.

Baby boy loved him some water bottles so I came up with water sensory bottles. He gets a kick out of ripping things,

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