Swinging into Spring!

Toddler swing

That is the cheesiest title of a blog post ever if you ask me! Ha!

So I have witnessed a phenomenon around here lately. Mom’s with toddlers are having a mass exodus into the great outdoors!!!

Sure, all families love when spring is here and the days start warming up enough to go outside and

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A Dollar Store Bath

Dollar Store bath toys

I never really knew the gold mine that is the Dollar Tree until my baby turned into a toddler. I make a trip over there about every two weeks and pick up some new play toys for not very much money!

I’m in love with their food storage containers that I have used to store

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“Roaring” Good Animal Magnets

Animal magnets for toddlers

One of the most common phrases from my, now 19 month old, is “Roar, neigh, baa!” (So popular it made my list of P-buddy ism’s)

Yes we are a bit obsessed with animal noises over in these parts. Not sure where or when it started but we are no strangers to roaring and baa-ing in

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User-Friendly, Family-Friendly Cookbook

family friendly cookbook

Just to start off…I’m not being paid a cent to write this post – I just love this book THAT much!!!!

As a stay at home mom I try my darnedest to make a good meal for my family at least 4-5 times out of the week. Back in the day when we didn’t have

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Window Blind Strings JUST Out of Reach

baby proofing blind strings

I’m back! Oh wait you already knew that didn’t you? Well because I have not been in the blogging flow for a while and I need to learn how to hop back in (kinda like wearing snow boots for the first time each season), I thought I would write an easy post today.

Easy does

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Keep That Water Baby Warm!

infant thermal wet suit

Recently we signed up baby boy for a “Babies and Me” swimming class at the local community center. He was 14 months so we thought this would be good timing for him to learn some water skills, and basically become more comfortable in the water. We had been swimming in various pools before (check out

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An Alternative to Baby Blankets!

early walker sleep sack

If you have read some posts of mine you will come to realize one thing: I’m a worry wart. I have always been, still am, and always will be. Especially when it comes to my snuggly baby boy.

One thing that I worried about (not as much as I thought I would though) was him

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Why I {heart} AppleCheek Diapers!

applecheeks diaper review

Deciding to cloth diaper our baby boy’s bum was an easy decision for us. Yes, it saves money, but more important for us was the “green” factor. Now, I am not too crunchy when it comes to being green. We recycle, and try to keep our energy use to a minimum, but we slip up

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Light Up Bath Time!

glow bath lights

Bath time lately has been one of our favorite times of the day. Baby boy knows that it is bath time when we start saying “bath time” over and over (who wouldn’t know?).

His usual M.O. is to excitedly crawl into the bathroom, mouth open, screaming and squealing. He pulls his little naked body up

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What to Expect Book Review and Giveaway!

what to expect giveaway

Ahh motherhood…a mix of emotions right from the get go! Moments of bliss, followed the next minute by frustration, & always backed up with guilt and worry. Giving birth to that little one is the best thing in the world, but often the hardest at the same time.

I have always been a worrier, even

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