My “Yes!” Moments

Saying yes to a toddler

I am trying really hard at this parenting thing. Really hard.

Toddlers are their own breed of humans. I have heard them referred to as mini cave men before – and yep that’s about right! They have feelings (often very strong), emotions, needs, wants, all wrapped up into a brain that doesn’t quite understand how

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5 Ways Songs Help Us Survive

Using songs with toddlers

To say that P-buddy loves music in an understatement. He is OBSESSED with music.

Every week our little family heads to music class together. It is a special music class for children 0-5 that uses Music Together songs. We sing songs, play musical instruments, and explore all kinds of rhythms. It’s hard to explain to

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Playing With Emotions

Emotion cards for toddlers

*Make sure you read ALL THE WAY to the end because there’s a freebie for you!!!

Back in the day (which means oh, like 7 years ago or so) when I was working on my masters degree in Early Childhood Ed. (fancy huh?), I wrote a research paper on empathy. While

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“This One or That One?” – Giving Choices

Giving a toddler choices

If you have been with Spoon Fed Baby for some time now, you will know that I’m all about making things easy. Whether it be tips for using cloth diapers, favorite breakfast foods, or lessons from a toddler at the salon, I love making lists, organizing things, and simplifying.

I feel comfy writing about those

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