Window Blind Strings JUST Out of Reach

baby proofing blind strings

I’m back! Oh wait you already knew that didn’t you? Well because I have not been in the blogging flow for a while and I need to learn how to hop back in (kinda like wearing snow boots for the first time each season), I thought I would write an easy post today.

Easy does

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10 Toddler Approved Chores

chores for toddlers

Ok, I’m no expert but it seems that toddler are ALWAYS trying to help. Am I right? They want to help vacuum by chasing after the vacuum, help talk on the phone by stealing if from your hands, help type by banging on the keyboard, and help fold laundry by re-folding your shirts.

So why

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Yoyo over Yogurt

greek yogurt mix ins

We love us some yogurt around these parts! Yogurt was one of baby boy’s first new foods after the basic fruits and veggies were introduced. I waited until around 8 months or so to introduce it because it has dairy in it, and I wasn’t sure about an allergic reaction. Baby boy had some spit

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An Alternative to Baby Blankets!

early walker sleep sack

If you have read some posts of mine you will come to realize one thing: I’m a worry wart. I have always been, still am, and always will be. Especially when it comes to my snuggly baby boy.

One thing that I worried about (not as much as I thought I would though) was him

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Steps to Weaning a Breast Fed Baby

how to wean from breast feeding

My son has been breast fed from day 1. I have loved it! BUT….when he started getting to be about 11-12 months it became more of a chore than a bonding time. The morning and night nursings were still wonderful, but the lunch and dinner ones were a bit much. He was so squirmy and

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Why I {heart} AppleCheek Diapers!

applecheeks diaper review

Deciding to cloth diaper our baby boy’s bum was an easy decision for us. Yes, it saves money, but more important for us was the “green” factor. Now, I am not too crunchy when it comes to being green. We recycle, and try to keep our energy use to a minimum, but we slip up

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Straw Sippy Cup Love

sippy cup with a straw

Ahhh weaning. How I love and hate you at the same time. I have exclusively breast fed baby boy from the day he entered the world. We had a wonderful go at it also. He nursed like a champ, and if it were up to him, I think he would carry on with the nursing

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Making Mommy September Challenge: Family Photo Magnets

magnetic photos for baby

Whew! I have been DIY-ing my way through this month! I have to be honest out of all my Making Mommy Challenges (abs every day and healthy snacking) this month’s Pinterest Projects has been my favorite! I have been scouring my pins and finding ones that I loved and just never got to, and am

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Crib Rail Bite Guard

bite guard on crib

Have you ever known you needed something for a long time and tried to be proactive about it, but then realized that when you got it it was too late? That is how I feel about baby boy’s crib bite guard. From day 1 I knew that I needed it and I should get it

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Making Mommy September Challenge: Body Part Photo Book!

baby body part book

If you remember last week I vowed/made myself conqour some of those dusty pins from Pinterest. You know the ones…you pin them and can’t wait to do it because it is such an awesome idea? And then there they sit…collecting dust.

Well this month for My Making Mommy Challenge (check out my abs every day

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