An Alternative to Baby Blankets!

early walker sleep sack

If you have read some posts of mine you will come to realize one thing: I’m a worry wart. I have always been, still am, and always will be. Especially when it comes to my snuggly baby boy.

One thing that I worried about (not as much as I thought I would though) was him

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Crib Rail Bite Guard

bite guard on crib

Have you ever known you needed something for a long time and tried to be proactive about it, but then realized that when you got it it was too late? That is how I feel about baby boy’s crib bite guard. From day 1 I knew that I needed it and I should get it

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How “I” used Baby Wise

using baby wise book

Oh Baby Wise. How controversial you are.

*Note…this post is not written as a review etc….just my own opinion on something that Mom’s are talking about!

When I started reading the popular new-parent sleep scheduling book “On Becoming Baby Wise by Gary Ezzo I was prepared for absurd suggestions to be thrown at me every

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Swaddle VS. No Swaddle

swaddling a baby

Before our little peanut came along, swaddling was a word that probably never passed our lips, BUT after having baby boy, swaddling became one of the most important words spoken those first few months. Swaddling seems like a new thing on the baby scene but in reality many cultures have been swaddling their child for

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Best Buys for Bedtime


Bedtime is one of the great mysteries of childhood. Sleep schedules? Sleep training? Huh?? We have been fortunate (knock on wood) to have a little one who is such a good sleeper. The first 9.5 months have been smooth sailing, so we will see what happens from here, but so far so good!

In the

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Co-Sleeping VS. Crib Sleeping

co sleeping vs. crib sleeping

As I sit down to type my next VS post in our Versus series, I picture Rocky duking it out in the ring and Eye of the Tiger playing in the background. Anyone else? Anyone? No? Just me…ok then. Moving along….If you missed it click here for my other installments of VS:

Cloth diapers

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Top 10 Things I Do During Nap Time

Every mom’s guilty pleasure is nap time (not our nap time…but babies nap time). By guilty pleasure I mean that we love it, but we always feel slightly guilty that we like it TOO much. At least I feel guilty about that. With all that said I still love nap time!

Top 10

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Top 10: Swaddle Love


I am just going to come out and say it…here goes…..My Baby is a Good Sleeper. Yikes. I don’t like saying it out loud for fear of jinxing it and he will immediately start to scream and wake early from his nap. I am looking at the monitor. Still sleeping…whew!

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Stomach Sleeper?

EVERYTHING you read now advises to only have your baby on their back to sleep. I get it. I do it. My son has always been put on his back to sleep. But what about when they move to their stomach on their own?? Just when I thought my worrying as a mother was

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Swaddle Please! – 4 months and up

The book “Happiest Baby on the Block” by Harvey Karp kept saying that after 3-4 months your baby probably won’t need the swaddle. I DID NOT believe him. I felt that was the only way that baby boy would sleep and how were we going to explain to his college roommate that he needs

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