Travel Series: Highlights From our Vacation

Wrigley Field

Yay!!! I always feel so accomplished when I wrap up a blog series. Maybe I’m the only one…But anyways, thanks for coming along on the ride with me this week, and I hope you were at least entertained by our attempts at taking our baby boy out and about to see the world…or at least

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Travel Series: Pinterest Inspired Travel Games

Planes, trains, and automobiles! Funny movie AND a description of our travels this year so far with baby boy…well…minus the train. We decided to have no fear and just do it – travel with our little guy that is. This post is one of my last posts in my Traveling With a Baby Series. You

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Traveling Series: Staying in a Hotel with a Baby

staying in a hotel with a baby

In my bloggy series about traveling with a baby we have covered getting somewhere by car and plane, but what happens when you get there?? Have no fear…I will fill you in! (Did you have any doubts?) To catch up check out all the posts in this series (smile):

Series Index Traveling by Car Traveling

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Car Seat on an Airplane VS. Lap Baby

traveling with a baby

Today I am marrying two of my blog series (traveling with a baby & versus)…whoa! I am in the midst of laying out the tips and tricks that my husband and I have learned along the way when traveling with our infant son. Yesterday I talked about how to keep your (and the passengers around

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Traveling Series: Going by Plane

traveling by plane with a baby

Summer time means lots of things, but for us it means TRAVELING! Vacations are a much needed break from the norm around these parts. Follow along with me this week as I lay out some tips, tricks, and ups and downs of traveling with a baby! Today I am talking about traveling on a plane

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Traveling Series: Going by Car

traveling with a baby

What is the first thing you think of about summer? Traveling for me! Baby boy is becoming quite the road warrior lately. We go on many vacations and mini trips during the summer months. I was tentative at first about doing this (read my things to think about post), but now I say “bring it

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