Welcome Home Baby: First Days Home

bringing home baby

*Tear* *Sniff* It is my last post in my Welcome Home Baby! series! I can’t believe that I successfully pulled off a blog series! It has been a busy week of writing, but I am so glad that I did it. My son is now 9 months old, and I have loved going back and

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Welcome Home Baby: Hospital Stay

having a baby

I think that the stay in the hospital after giving birth may be one of the most welcomed hospital stays ever. There is:

help just around the corner prepared food delivered to your room lactation consultants up the wa-zoo nurses willing to take your newborn for a few hours at night

How much better does

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Welcome Home Baby: My Epidural Birth (#2)

epidural during delivery

What good would a blog series about welcoming home a baby be with out a birth story? I’m seriously a sucker for a birth story. Am I the only one? That day is, um, monumental, and I think a small part of each of us wants to share it. I started yesterday in My Epidural

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Welcome Home Baby: My Epidural Birth (#1)

epidural during delivery

Welcome back! I am spending this week on my blog writing posts for the Welcome Home Baby! series. Here is the run down of the posts that you will be seeing in my corner of the bloggy world this week:

Series Index Packing for the Hospital My Epidural Story (#1) My Epidural Story (#2)

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Welcome Home Baby: Did You Pack Your Bags??


Want to know the #1 topic that I have googled in my whole entire life? Childbirth. Yep. I distinctly remember the week before I gave birth to my son I was worried about some symptoms I was having. It was 4:00am and I am on the computer pouring over my search engine results. Turns out,

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