“Cheese??” Baby Photo Outtakes

Hi my name is Sarah and I’m addicted to taking photos of my baby. Who knew that as a parent you could think that each and every one of the 200 photos snapped in one month to month photo sitting are cute and different than the previous one. “Oh look! Now he’s looking over to the right! Oh, now the left!!!”

Yes, us new picture taking parents are a rare breed.

Our last two Christmas card photos have turned out awesome, and if I say so myself, I have been quite proud of them! Sure photo shop helped erase the snot drip from this year’s photo, but it still turned out Christmas-y and cheery.

Baby Photo Outtakes

Baby Photo Outtakes

Of course not all the photos have turned out spectacular. Hence, today’s blog post:

Baby Photo Outtakes (the snotty, crabby, and drooly)

Baby Photo Outtakes

The classic “nursing the car seat” photo

Baby Photo Outtakes

“They do know I can’t sit up yet right?”

Baby Photo Outtakes

The hat was a BIT small.

Baby Photo Outtakes

“I will eat you!”

Baby Photo Outtakes

“Arrrghh maties!”

Baby Photo Outtakes

“ANOTHER picture??”

Baby Photo Outtakes

Can we say Sloth from The Goonies??

Baby Photo Outtakes

“Look Mom! I still fit into my newborn hat from the hospital!”

Have you had any pictures go oh so wrong??

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