My baby is no longer a vegetarian…boo hoo!  Really I am not sure why I am sad because my husband and I are not vegetarians…but something about it means he’s growing up I guess?  My pediatrician recommended waiting until 9 months to introduce meats to baby boy.  But I have to say it…check with your doctor to see what is best for your baby!  Ok, carrying on!

Baby boy has been doing really well eating his veggies, fruits, and grains.  His favorites seem to be peas, pears, and barley.  We are even getting better at finger foods!  So I thought it was time to add a little protein burst to his dinners, in the form of chicken!

Chicken for Babies

Remember chicken is a delicate meat and has to be handled carefully.  Here are a few safety tips:

  • Make sure to cook it within a day of buying it
  • Freeze it quickly in the BACK of the freezer to save it 
  • Only keep it in the freezer for up to one month 

OK, now we can get right to it!

  • Buy the chicken.  I chose to go with chicken breasts, but you could also purchase a whole chicken as the darker meat is yummy for baby too.

chicken for babies

  • Cook the chicken.  I get worried with cooking chicken all the way through, so I chose to cook it in my crock pot.  That way it can cook all day and I know it is cooked well when it starts falling apart.  I cooked it for 6 or so hours in the chicken
  • Puree the chicken.  Use breast milk or water puree the chicken.  I of course used my Beaba Babycook to puree it to a fine consistency for a big batch.  If I am pureeing a single serving I use my Magic Bullet.  Some people think that pureed meat is gross, but it actually wasn’t that bad!pureed chicken
  • Store the chicken.  I decided to store it two different ways to see which worked out better.
    • Freeze in pureed form.  Using my ice cube storage trays I froze the puree in ice cube form, just as I do with this fruits and veggies.  When it comes to serving it I defrost in the in the microwave.  It turns out well.
    • Freeze in whole chicken pieces.  I also took the rest of the chicken and wrapped a single serving size in press and seal, and put into a freezer bag.  That way on the day I want to serve baby boy chicken for dinner, I would get out a chunk and thaw in the fridge.  After thawing it I would then puree it in my Magic Bullet (what I used for pureeing a single serving size).  Note: I have NOT yet tried pureeing the previously frozen chicken, so I will update it when I do!

freezing chicken

Baby boy seems to really like the chicken.  Yay!  I usually mix it with some barley, rice, or other grain, and a vegetable (sweet potatoes and apples are yummy with it!).

Were your little ones natural meat eaters??


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