Co-Sleeping VS. Crib Sleeping

   As I sit down to type my next VS post in our Versus series, I picture Rocky duking it out in the ring and Eye of the Tiger playing in the background.  Anyone else? Anyone?  No?  Just me…ok then.  Moving along….If you missed it click here for my other installments of VS:

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  For my next round I thought I would look at co-sleeping vs. crib sleeping.  Co-sleeping is rising in popularity and is not as frowned upon by the experts anymore.  Note**  When I reference co-sleeping, I am talking about sharing a bed with your child every night, not just having their crib etc. in your room with you, or bringing them to bed once in a while.**  So what’s the low down on it?  Keep reading!

Co-Sleeping VS. Crib Sleeping

Pros and Cons



  • Middle of the night nursing is convenient (no need to even get out of bed)
  • Time for bonding and attachment (especially for Dad)
  • No need for a baby monitor
  • Easy to check in on baby


  • Risk of suffocation if correct precautions are not taken
  • Doesn’t allow for parents to have their own time
  • May be difficult to wean child into their own bed
  • Babies sleeping noises could disturb mom and dad’s sleep and visa versa

Crib Sleeping


  • Baby gets used to sleeping in their own bed
  • Nap time in a crib is easy because of familiarity
  • Parents and baby disturb each other less
  • Parents are able to have their own time


  • Middle of the night nursing is not as convenient
  • Bonding time for non-nursing parent has to be done during the day
  • Harder to check on child throughout the night
  • Baby monitor is necessary

My Take on co-sleeping vs. crib sleeping

   When my son was born we decided to have him sleep in our room with us but in a cradle next to our bed.  ANY parent will agree with me that worry sets in the moment that baby pops out!  It is no different at night, and maybe even a little worse.  So this arrangement worked great for us because it allowed us to check on him regularly through out the night, as well as hear him really well if something was wrong.  Of course I was getting up to nurse him 3 times each night, and I couldn’t master nursing while laying on my side, so I would make the trek into the nursery each time. 

   After about 4 weeks of having him sleep in the cradle, it started to wear on us a bit.  He was a good sleeper and would sleep about 2.5 hours in between nursings.  BUT he would grunt and groan and make baby sleeping noises as well as move around.  They were not distress sounds, just normal sleeping sounds, but because he was two feet from me I heard everything and woke up with everything.  I also think that he was waking up more because he would hear us move around etc.  So we bit the bullet and moved him into his crib at 1 month old.  We all slept so much better and he got used to his night time routine and his crib very quickly.

   Just because that worked for us, doesn’t mean that I don’t understand the co-sleeping thing.  I just feel that both of us spend lots of time playing with him, singing to him, & feeding him, during the day that we have bonded with him enough in order for him to develop into a confident person, and the bonding at night isn’t necessary for us.  Extra precautions also need to be made when they are sleeping with you and I would worry too much about me rolling on him and not knowing it.  But there are handy dandy products (see below) to make it safe.  So my take is that what works for you is great and necessary, but him sleeping in his crib is what works for us!

Helpful websites

Products that might be useful

Now, share Your Take on co-sleeping!  What worked for your family?




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4 comments to Co-Sleeping VS. Crib Sleeping

  • We were a co-sleeper family. My youngest is now 7 so it has been awhile. The reason we co-slept was for me. I was so tired during the day when I tried the crib route because I was up so often to nurse. When co-sleeping I was able to just turn to my side and nurse while I slept. It helped keep me sane.

    I think my kids could have slept anywhere. Crib, my bed, carseat, my arms or swing. I don’t know why but for some reason we did not have problems moving our kids into their own room once nursing was over. We just made it seem so exciting and that they were growing up.

    I think crib sleeping is fine as well – every family is different and you just need to find what works for you. :)


  • I am kinda stuck with Teagan sleeping in our room. We have a 2 bedroom house and my 9 year old has her own room and I refuse to make her share it with a 9 month old. It’s not fair. So, my husband and I have to share our space with T. We are so used to it by now (all the noises and movements and of course crying out in her sleep).

    I’d like to have her in her own room, but it’s not in our budget to go out and buy another house with an extra bedroom. We’ll make do 😉

    Other than that, good subject and you guys are sooo lucky!

  • OH! And she’s in her own crib.. it’s just in our room LOL

  • I share my bed with my baby. So much easier to nurse. Her baby sounds also help me sleep. I wake up if she gets quiet!

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