Consignment Shopping for Kids

I’m welcoming Michelle from See Me Save today to guest post about buying and selling kids clothes through consignment stores.  What a great way to save money!!

Shopping for Children’s Consignment Clothing

If you have kids you know how expensive their necessities can be. One way we save BIG is by selling our children’s outgrown clothes and buying their next size of clothes at Consignment Sales! We’ve done this for about 4 years now and I wonder why we didn’t do this from the beginning.
When it comes to shopping consignment sales I like that the sales I shop are picky about the items they will accept. I don’t have to worry about coming home to find my bargains have holes, stains or missing buttons. The volunteers working the sale have checked everything closely for me (although I still take a good look at the sale). Many items have been washed before and I don’t have to worry about whether or not they are going to shrink after I throw them in the wash the first time. And my favorite part….walking out of a sale spending a fraction of the price of what I would pay in a retail store.

With a seasonal consignment sale I get to name the price on my items….no more haggling at the garage sale or putting a quarter on everything just so I can get rid of it. I also like that you can drop your items off and not have to sit out in the hot sun for a garage sale. Below are some tips for selling at a consignment sale.

  • Collect all year long ~ I have an area in our basement set up for things we plan to sell. I label all tubs in this area with Consignment Sale. As the kids outgrow their clothes or toys we put them in the box. Once we fill one we start another. With 3 growing kids we typically fill 3 or 4 tubs every 6 months. We also make sure to go through the kid’s toys before their birthdays and Christmas.
  • Try on the clothes ~ At the beginning of every season I have my kids try on every single piece of clothing they own. This way I know what needs to be sold and I’ll know what they will need from a sale. Yes, this takes quite a bit of time, but we get through it in a few days. I also go through my clothes and try to get rid of things I didn’t wear the previous season before putting it away (wish I could get my husband to do the same, but that’s a whole other post…gotta love him).
  • Price well ~ When it comes time to price your items, keep the buyer in mind. For a consignment sale I will price my items higher than at garage sale because I save the best of the best for consignment. You’ll want to consider what you would be willing to pay for your items. I know for me I would rather ask a little less for an item and sell it at full price rather than put a high price on it and find it sells on a half price day or doesn’t sell at all.

I have found that almost every time I sell and shop at a seasonal consignment sale, the items I sell cover the costs of the items I purchase. Basically it’s like I trade out my kid’s clothes each year, which is a HUGE savings!

Michelle Gee is married to a super supportive husband and is a stay at home mom to 3 children ages 14, 6 and 4. She also writes the money saving blog 
See Me Save and is opening her first seasonal consignment sale this fall. 

Michelle Gee
See Me Save…where saving money is as easy as 123!
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