Couscous Baby Food

When it comes to culinary things I wouldn’t categorize myself as “worldly”.  I am pretty much your run of the mill pasta, meat, and potato kinda girl.  I do think that I am able to cook a good variety of foods for my hubby and I, but I am not one that searches out the less known foods and comes up with exotic meals to use them in.

Now that I am cooking for baby boy and making homemade baby food, I am trying to reach out of my comfort zone and experiment with food a bit.  Enter couscous!  I know that it is a pretty common food, but when I cook with it I just feel worldly!  Ha!

Couscous is turning into one of baby boy’s favorite grains, alongside barley and pasta.  When I make him a meal for dinner couscous is often my grain of choice.  And the best part?  Soooo easy to cook!  Seriously takes 5 minutes!

Cooking couscous for baby food

  • Purchase couscous.  Usually couscous can be found in your grocery store near the rice.  It comes in a pretty big container, so you can get many servings from it.couscous baby food
  • Boil water.  Yep, just what I said, boil water!
  • Add couscous.  The directions on the container will tell you how many parts couscous to how many parts water you need.couscous baby food
  • Turn off heat.  You don’t even need to let couscous sit in the boiling water.  You simply add it to the boiling water, turn the burner off and remove it from the heat.
  • Let sit 5 minutes.  After sitting for 5 minutes, covered, it will have absorbed the water and you can fluff it with a fork.couscous baby food
  • Freeze the leftovers.  After the couscous has cooled I will take out some to use that day or the next day, and freeze the rest.  I have found that scooping about 4-5 spoonfuls out into snack size baggies, and then freezing them all in a larger zip lock bag works well.  When I want to serve it I can take it out that morning to thaw in the fridge or I can defrost it in the microwave.

Done!  Couscous is a great mixer with veggies like zucchini or broccoli.  I use the Magic Bullet to blend it all up, add some spices and cheese and you have made a well rounded yummy meal!

*Update: With an extra touch couscous becomes a yummy breakfast food!

couscous baby food meal

Do you have any favorite ways of using couscous?

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