Couscous is For Breakfast

I absolutely adore this stage in baby boy’s eating adventures.  At 14 months he is so willing to try new things (waiting for that to change!), so I can get creative with his meals.    He is mostly past the phase where I have to cook something different for him, because he can now usually eat what we are eating.  He also well into the finger food phase, but I must say I miss using my Magic Bullet for baby food (so I made myself a smoothie last night!).

I must be on a “let’s try new things for breakfast” kick because my last few posts have been about pancakes for breakfast and pancakes for dinner.  Maybe I’m hungry for pancakes??  For some reason breakfast is the meal that I seem to get in a rut with.  We always have plenty of options for dinner and lunch is usually a leftover shmorgesborg (is that a word?).  But for breakfast we tend to alternate between muffins, cheerios, oatmeal, and english muffins, with a few yogurt combos thrown in there.

SO, when I found a recipe for a couscous breakfast on Weelicious I had to try it.  Baby boy loves couscous as one of his grains that we have often for dinner, or that I used to mix in with his baby meals.

I wondered what baby boy would think of it, but ta-da he loves it and can not get enough…seriously.  He panics when the bowl is empty.

couscous for toddler breakfast

Couscous Breakfast Recipe

  • cook couscous according to package
    • boil water
      • it is usually about .25 cup more water than couscous
    • add couscous to boiling water
    • remove from heat and cover
    • let sit for 5 minutes until water is absorbed
  • spoon out desired amount of couscous
  • add a bit of liquid (we use Vitamin D milk)
  • add in spices, fruit, etc.
    • our favorite is a small amount of brown sugar and cinnamon

You could really get creative with this recipe though.  Throw in some fruit, or even some yogurt and you will have a yummy, healthy, breakfast!  I tried it and was quite pleased!

*Update: Couscous for breakfast has made it onto my list of a toddler’s favorite breakfast foods!

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