Crib Rail Bite Guard

Have you ever known you needed something for a long time and tried to be proactive about it, but then realized that when you got it it was too late?  That is how I feel about baby boy’s crib bite guard.  From day 1 I knew that I needed it and I should get it before he starts standing up (like when I set up the nursery!), but then time passes blah blah blah, and all of the sudden your crib has bite marks all along the edge.  Darn it all!

Oh well, live and learn right?  Or live and learn how to fill in bite marks on espresso furniture.

When I realized that we needed bite guards for baby boy’s crib, like yesterday, I started reading reviews about which ones would work best.  I research my purchases a little too much sometimes!  But I am glad I did!

I almost bought a bite guard that attached with velcro, but then got to thinking that probably at some point baby boy would be able to figure out how to get that off, and some reviewers had said the same thing also.  I found the perfect bite guard and have been very very happy with it, and it saves our nice expensive crib!!  I should add these to our best buys for bedtime!

bite guard on crib

bite guard on crib

Things to look for in a crib bite guard:

  • Tie closures.  You can double knot these babies so that your little one probably won’t be able to undo it, unlike velcro!
  • Waterproof back.  There will be a bit of drool happening on your bite guard, so it is best to get ones with a waterproof backing.
  • Washable.  Yeah, just last weekend we got a bit of throw up on it…nice that they are washable!
  • Fit the length of the crib.  Most are pretty standard, so you are good there, but make sure to buy the side rail covers also!

So that being said…buy your crib bite guards now!!!  Don’t wait until baby is able to stand up…because then it will be too late (smile).

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2 comments to Crib Rail Bite Guard

  • Never heard of this before! I remember liking to bite my wooden headboard even as a 3-4 year-old when my mom put me down for naps. I suppose the fact that adults still nibble on wooden pencils must say something about that texture for sinking teeth into. Lol.

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