Diaper Changing Distractions

Gone are the days when baby boy would lay on the changing table, gaze up at Mommy & Daddy, coo and squeal, and LAY STILL.  Yep, we are all about twisting and turning, grabbing our feet, reaching for the baby oil, pushing the basket of diapers off of the dresser, and MOVING AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

Diaper changes have to be fast and methodical now that baby boy is 1 year old.  I have become a member of the Nascar pit crew, and have to be in and out in a few seconds flat or I lose the race (aka baby boy starts to whine and cry).

Because baby boy twists and turns so much on the changing table, I thought maybe the floor would be better (and safer).  NOPE.  Being on the floor means that baby boy knows he can easily crawl away, where being on the changing table is slightly more confining.

After about 6 months of the squirmyness, I have changing a diaper down to a science:

diaper change distractions

How To Distract a Baby During Diaper Changes

  1. Sing a song.  Don’t rely on the same song…babies are smart.  They will become bored of the same old thing.  Change it up FREQUENTLY.
  2. Give them a Non-Toy.  By non-toy I basically mean something that is not usually on the floor scattered around for them to play with.  Lotion bottles, toothpaste tubes, baby oil bottle: you get the idea.  Of course…make sure the lids are on securely and watch them!
  3. Bring in reinforcement.  Someone else in on the diaper change is extremely helpful…they can blow zerberts, do high fives, whatever it takes to get that diaper on!
  4. Say tongue twisters.  Tongue twister are confusing to listen too and take full concentrations, therefore a still body.
  5. Be prepared!  I am a cloth diapering Mama, so having everything laid out ahead of time is key to a speedy change.
  6. Daddy’s hat.  Just like #2, anything that is new and a hot commodity, is a successful diaper change distraction.
  7. Turn the fan on.  Ceiling fans can be quite the eye catching device.
  8. Change it up.  Try some different scenery for a diaper change!  Maybe on Mom and Dad’s bed?  Couch?  Grass?
  9. Revisit a toy.  Try a toy that they haven’t seen in a very long time.  Their interest in it will give you oh, about 3 minutes!
  10. Have someone else do it!  Take a break and get someone else to do the dirty work (literally).

What are you tricks to speedy diaper changes?

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3 comments to Diaper Changing Distractions

  • Haha, these are some great ideas! I get so anxious sometimes, for the moment my 3 month old will roll over during diaper changes…want to be prepared, as I know he will be doing it in no time! (Visiting from the Mixer)!

  • I generally opt for the non-toy distraction myself. It’s hard to keep those little legs still, isn’t it!

  • My second daughter was the WORST when it came to diaper changes! I was so frustrated that I ended up designing a vest called the Happy Changer to stop her from rolling and give me that extra set of hands I was wishing for. It made diaper changes so fast and easy, so I decided to share the joy with other moms, dads, grandmas, and general baby lovers. Now we sell them at http://www.hulabye.com. AND, you can get 20% off any order until the end of August with the code HAPPY20!!

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