DIY Felt Board

I go through spurts of DIY-ness (is that a word?).  I was on a pretty good roll around the time of my DIY light table, and then well life happened and I pretty much bought what I needed. Ha!

Lately though I have been channeling my inner HGTV and trying out some home projects.  The playroom we set up downstairs for P-buddy has inspired me for sure, because I have grand ides of all kinds of fun that will happen down there.

He loves his emotion magnets that I made for him, so why not try something else “made by Momma”?

DIY Felt Board

DIY Felt Board



  1. Place your foam board on a tarp and spray one side with spray adhesive
  2. Also spray the adhesive on one side of the felt.
  3. Place the felt on the foam board smoothing out any wrinkles.
  4. Spray a bit of adhesive on the edges of the board and wrap the felt around it smoothing as you go.
  5. Stick 4 3m velcro strips to the back of the board (both sides of velcro) and stick the the surface you want to hang it on.

DIY Felt Board


There are TONS of ideas for uses for a felt board on Pinterest!  P-buddy is only 20 months and is not too into the felt board yet.  He does like to stick some felt shapes that I cut up on the board, but it usually only lasts less than a minute. The story pictured is The Three Little Pigs felt story that I found at Micheals – they have tons there for about $8.00 or so.  Score!

Have you incorporated felt in your child’s play lately?

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