Donut Days


   I am joining a blog carnival today.  No clowns at this carnival though, just great minds blogging about what is on those minds.  Stream of Consiousness Sunday’s task is to write for 5 minutes with no stopping, no proofing etc.  Today’s prompt is how we spent our Sundays growing up.  Here goes:

  Sunday’s growing from what I remember were a time of quiet relaxation.  Mom, Dad, and I would go to church Sunday morning rolling in about five minutes early.  Not too early, but not late.  If we were early sometimes we would sit in the car until we thought it was an appropriate time to head in.  We would always sit in the same pew, and in the same order: me in the middle. 

  After church we would head to Quality Dairy for milk and donuts.  We had to hurry though because if we didn’t all the good donuts would have been snatched up already.  We would head home and prepare/eat lunch as the donut bag sat to the side, eyeing me.  I couldn’t wait to get into that thing.  I would eat one, sometimes two if I was daring.  Mom and Dad would read the paper and I would look at the comics and the ads. 

  It was a nice quiet, comfy time.  But there was always a hint of dread.  I knew that it was Sunday, and any kid knows what that means….school tomorrow.  The weekend was over.  The freedom of Friday night and the adventure of Saturday was done with.  And the homework that I had put off couldn’t be put off anymore.  I was the best and coming up with little things to do so that I didn’t have to start the homework.  But we all know that if we would have just finished the homework first, we would have had a great sense of relief knowing that we had the rest of the afternoon to ourselves, but that’s not how kids work.  So instead I would lay on the floor complaining about it as my ever patient mother would sit and listen to my complaints and agree that it just wasn’t fair. 

  Donut Days are one of my favorite memories from my childhood.  The quiet of the lunch table and the sweet chocolate donut were calming, and made the procrastination of homework worth it.  Now that I have a family of my own I hope that my son can experience his own Donut Day.   

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